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New To Me


Another designer from AVENUE Fall/Winter Fashion Week who was new to me is Ngozi Faith of OZI. She presented a small mini-collection that featured black and white pieces of deceptive simplicity. Her aesthetic is distinctly minimalist, but with a passion for deconstructing. Take this Origami crop top in black. It’s a simple tee with segmented sleeves that make it so much more interesting, but in a simple, clean way – without embellishment. In fact, she achieves by taking away, what most achieve by adding. A neat trick. I have already styled this top in three different outfits – over a lace bodysuit, with a leather pencil skirt and with the eye-catching Curve skirt that she presented it with at Fashion Week.

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Welcome to Sanity Falls

Welcome to Sanity Falls

For fun, I went to check out the newest MadPea production – Sanity Falls, a multi-sim hunt for the ransom to rescue your kidnapped spouse. I only made it to the city limits, distracted by the memes of Second Life plurkerville. I am wearing a great mesh dress from Tukinowaguma. Why didn’t I know Tukinowaguma had mesh? At 150L per dress, that’s a great place to shop for quality mesh clothing – all in standard sizes.

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360 Degrees of High Fashion

Scribble Saturday Morning_006.jpg

As a devoted Project Runway fan who has never missed an episode, I can remember dozens of outfits that impressed me coming down the runway only to crash into the Valley of Bad Design once the model turned and walked back to the curtain. A few episodes back Tim Gunn proffered some of his best advice ever, reminding the designer that good design is 360 degrees – looking good from all angles. Well, some designers he does not have to remind about that are Royal Blue’s Marni Grut and Kenzie & Co.’s Kenzie Craven. These clothes were created by designers so cognizant that good design looks great from the back and sides as well as the front, that I decided to showcase this look from the back.

Scribble Saturday Morning_004.jpg

The Kenzie & Co. Zipper Racerback is the most obviously designed with attention to the back – but look at the lovely Jodhpurs on Crack from Royal Blue – they make your bum look good and the houndstooth detailing adds interest coming and going. The photos were taken at The Looking Glass – a new build from Marcus Inkpen
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In the Subway Take Two


Another great jacket and pants set featured at Modavia Fashion Week comes from Shai Delacroix of Casa del Shai. It’s the Vixen Knit Kimono with Leopard Print pants. I really love the texturing on this outfit. In fact, I oohed and aahed like an idiot while watching it come down the runway at the show.


I shot this again at the Subway Station that Urban Decay sells. This is in the front part of the station before the turnstiles that lead to the tunnel.
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G-L-O-R-I-A, Gloria!

The new Gloria dress from Chantkare is a lovely lacy confection with a big full skirt and a wide waist sash, but it was too romantic for my  mood for when I put it on, so I took off the skirt and switched in the sleek and sexy Pixel Dolls High Button Miniskirt instead.  The blouse is the sort that puts the va in va-va-voom but  I wanted something to wear with the new buckle wedge from Anexx. Something edgy, not romantic. Switching skirts gave the top a whole new direction.

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Quick Look: ICON Jewelry

posted by Gidge Uriza

I was strolling around shopping one night, trying to decide if I wanted new shoes at Juicy, trying to decide if I wanted this or that, when I wandered into ICON. Featuring jewelry in sets and bags, and other accessories, I was surprised I hadn’t found them before.  The purses are what first caught my eye and somehow I got out with one though! How’d THAT happen?

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Tree Hugging

Looking at the clear cut can be pretty sad, but over the hill there’s replanting. In fact, you can help support reforestation by going to the Happy Clam Island Reforestation Project and hugging a tree. Hugging a tree for 20 to 30 minutes while you are going through your day’s notes and message will pay to replant one tree. Or, you can just pay a tree directly. Just go and find a healthy uncut tree and give it a hug. It will thank you. And that should make you happy as a clam. Continue reading