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The gift of silence


I was wandering about on Christmas Eve enjoying the quiet as I visited a few sims. I stopped at Alirium and wandering among the trees I came across an elk. I stopped and waited quietly, hoping he would not hear and take flight. Fortunately for me, elk in Second Life are much more calm and prone to stay in place than real life elk. I was once closer than this to an elk. I was deer hunting with my brothers, standing post on the side of a meadow while my older brother walked through the woods making noise so the deer would flee in our general direction. I heard a soft huff behind me and turned slowly and right across the old logging road, about 8 feet away was an old elk. You could see he was an ancient of the forest, far too old and tough for good venison. We looked at each other, both of us still and silent, and stood there hushed for what felt like several minutes but in the relativity of time may have been only seconds. After a bit, he made another huffing sound and walked quietly away. Later I showed my brothers his tracks and told them about how magical it was and they were thrilled for me. People often ask why I didn’t shoot him, though my brothers never did. They, like me, thought he had earned his peaceful passage.

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Modavia Fashion Week 2011.02


The Bliss Couture collection is a fabulous mix of separates to mix and match. I said before, it’s a great combination of fashion and funk. There’s lots of exposure in this collection but “Funk not only moves, it can re-move.

The desired effect is what you get
When you improve your Interplanetary Funksmanship.

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Roan Island


This is a shoot I made for Jewelry Fair that I have just not been well enough to post until today. However, though the Fair is over, the wonderful jewelry is still available. The dress is a lovely summery sundress from UmeMode. It definitely wanted to be shot in a field of flowers so I went to Roan Island.


Roan Island is a wonderful place to wander around and explore and there all sorts of flowers. Neither scripts nor rezzing are permitted, so pose huds and stands were not allowed. However, that’s no problem when my AO works so well.
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Another Utopia

This outfit began with the pants from Lelutka that are the perfect mix of fashionable, funky and fun. I love them. They come in several prints and I want all of them but will have to content myself with a couple pair. In typical SL serendipity, I received a lovely fatpack of new tops from eha and their design with the loose, flowing layers is a perfect complement to the pants.

After I finished styling this outfit I knew I had to shoot it at Utopia02 – no energy – by Glyph Graves.  I will paste a short clip from the notecard you can request when you arrive there:

Entropy by Glyph Graves

This is a full sim installation that was created for the Shanghai Expo…There are four statues situated on hills at the source of the rivers. The rivers flow in to a central basin. There is a tree near the centre. Whispering into the tree will start the entropy in the system. The statues will melt/fragment change shape and texture. All the sculptures will freeze and change colour. The statue fragments will flow along the rivers to the central basin where the will assume a entropic pattern swirling. The butterflies near the tree will flutter to the ground. don’t forget to whisper again to restore the state…

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Up on the Roof

Like many of the people in SL, I live in a skybox. Actually, I have joined a couple skyboxes together to make my house, moving and removing some walls and plopping a little skybox on top of the main one. I also use the roof – it’s my dance and party floor decorated with fantastical flowers from Eshi Otawara. I love astronomy and added a little meteor shower from 2extreme just for fun.

I decided to shoot this outfit up on the roof just to shoot around those beautiful flowers.  The top is a lovely casual black and gray top from Dutch Touch, and the gray pants are wonderful wide leg palazzos.

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Sunday Morning Coming Down

Morning @ Embryo - wearing Icing's Vixen in Sapphire.

Rolling Stone, my favorite magazine, gave 14 pages of its latest issue to a profile of one of my favorite singer-songwriters, Kris Kristofferson who is most famous for such great songs as Me & Bobby McGee and Help Me Make It Through the Night. My favorite, though, has always been Sunday Morning Coming Down. In his article, actor-turned-journalist Ethan Hawke, described how when Johnny Cash was first supposed to sing this song on live TV, censors told him he could not say “wishing I was stoned” but that while on the air, he looked at Kristofferson and sang it the way it was written. That song seemd to fit the mood of my shoot at Embryo where I wore the lovely Vixen dress from Icing. I have to thank Bhaio Shan for sending me the landmark – it’s a lovely place, though “it makes a body feel alone.”

On the Sunday morning sidewalk,
Wishing, Lord, that I was stoned.
‘Cos there’s something in a Sunday,
Makes a body feel alone.
And there’s nothin’ short of dyin’,
Half as lonesome as the sound,
On the sleepin’ city sidewalks:
Sunday mornin’ comin’ down.

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I could have danced all night…and I did

New Year’s Eve was a night for dancing and just as I always do when I dress for dancing, I thought about how the clothes would look while shimmying and shaking across the floor.  For that reason, I seldom wear system skirts for dancings as the distorted textures when you dance can so ruin the line of a dress. This also makes me wary of sculpties that flap around like broken wings on a baby bird. But flexis aren’t necessarily the solution as they can look like a tornado swirling round the floor.  Of course, we all understand the limitations of clothing and forgive our dancing foibles…but I am always on the look for a great dance dress. This lovely white Alaska dress from Kunglers is ideal.

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Snow White & Rose Red: The Ice Ballet

Tres Jolie Flocon de Neige

There's a 72 hours sale at Tres Jolie. Gidge is wearing Tres Jolies Flocon de Neige. Cajsa is wearing Flocon de Neighe Rouge.

This single mother living in the woods had two daughers whom she gave the idiosyncratic and slightly lunatic names Snow White & Rose Red. The two sisters got on well and did everything together.

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