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134, that’s the amount of my Avatar Rendering Cost. I thought about going for 1, but really wanted to see what I could manage and still feel not just dressed, but styled and accessorized. I was aided in reaching my goal by the new skin and hair sets from Monicuzzo Babenco of YourSkin/YourShape. I posted this morning her hair in brown, lamenting the lack of a red hair. In plurk someone mentioned no one ever does blonde…and lo, what should I get but an IM from Monicuzzo alerting me to the fact that she had just finished a blonde skin (one with three shades of blonde hair) and was working on a red one. Yay! I am ready for the Relay For Life Clothing Fair!

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Christmas Cuteness

So you want to dress up for the holidays, but don’t want to look twee? Why not wear clothes that look fine all year round but give them a holiday edge with accessories and makeup. I am using these old earrings from Dark Mouse – ones I have worn time and again because the colors can, in the context of the season, add a holiday air to regular clothes, The more explicit holiday expression comes from the Fleur Allure Winter skin with the green shadow and the bold red lips.

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