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Speaking With a Fan


“Men have the sword, women have the fan and the fan is probably as effective a weapon!” —Joseph Addison

When I studied Spanish in High School, one of the really fascinating lessons was an overview of the language of the fan. For example, resting the fan on the right cheek signaled yes and on the left cheek signaled no. Supposedly the message the fan is sending in this pose is “without your love, I want to die.”  Oops!

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Modavia Fashion Week 2011.14


One of the reasons I love Modavia Fashion Week is that the process of preparing a collection for a show is far different than preparing weekly or monthly releases. Releases can stand on their own and how one outfit relates to another is immaterial. A collection however demands that the pieces work together to form an integrated whole. Strangely enough, by adding the constraint of making the clothes work together as a while, we get more innovation and imagination from the designers, not less. Sometimes, it take limits to free the imagination. That’s why we often get such fresh and extraordinary designs in runway shows. The designers’ imaginations have been set afire by the need to create 12 designs that express a singular vision.

Monica Outlander, the genius behind MiaMai, is perhaps the best exemplar of this at work. Her runway shows are highly anticipated and filled to capacity because everyone knows it will be a show,  an extravaganza of art, music and design coming together synergistically.  Synergy is such an overused term, but only because people use it recklessly as though cooperation and coordination were synergy.

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London Calling with Guest Stylist Achariya Maktoum

achariya maktoum_004.jpg

With Achariya wearing the Union Jack jacket from Arai, I could not resist going to the The Clash for their iconic song London Calling. We headed to Virtual Decay, an urban sim, for the photoshoot.

London calling to the faraway towns
Now that war is declared-and battle come down
London calling to the underworld
Come out of the cupboard, all you boys and girls

achariya maktoum_001.jpg

London calling, now don’t look at us
All that phoney Beatlemania has bitten the dust
London calling, see we ain’t got no swing
‘Cept for the ring of that truncheon thing

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Adam n Eve like to do things a bit differently than most stores – and that’s true with their offerings for the RFL Clothing Fair. In addition to the more traditional Ruffles dress you saw the other day, they put out Renegade, a decidedly not the usual RFL pink or lavendar girly confection. featuring jeans and a hot bomber jacket (photo after the cut.) The jeans come with a cute red camo crop top, but I wanted something to tuck in. I picked up this gorgeous top at Apple May Designs at the fair instead and decided I just love it.

Unbelievably, it’s already the last day of the Clothing Fair. Many, though not all, items you have seen on the many blogs featuring RFL items are exclusive to the fair and won’t be available after midnight SLT. If that’s not enough reason to run-don’t walk to the fair right now, there are the magnificent builds that people spents weeks making.  It’s worth the lag, the crowds and everything just to see the wonderful builds.

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