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It's Not Raining in SL

Oregon weather is so consistent. It’s warm and pleasant and dry for the summer and it’s cloudy, rainy and cool in the winter. It comes in two flavors and the one that’s on tap right now is not weather for this dress. Luckily, in SL I can be in any climate I feel like with a quick teleport from spot to spot. Snow, rain, tropics or jungles, deserts or forests, cities or castles – what you want you can find.  So, when I saw the lovely new Poppy skirt at Sugarcube I did not hesitate to pair it with a very summery top from So Many Styles.

I made the tiniest of concessions to reality by adding a short little velvet shrug from Adam n Eve, but seriously, if your jacket does not cover your midriff – it’s worn for fashion, not function. And clearly, fashion leads the way with that lovely silver embroidery and the adorable little hood. The jewelry is from Puarangi Design – though I have had this set so long it’s labeled Hi-Flo from the stores old name.

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Santa Baby

Ingenue's Santa Hat dress is a lovely Christmas cloud of a dress perfect for greeting Santa Baby.

Santa baby, slip a sable under the tree,For me.
been an awful good girl,
Santa baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight.

Santa baby, a 54 convertible too,Light blue.
I’ll wait up for you dear,
Santa baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight.

Santa Red lips on PXL Creations July skin and the gorgeous Dark Mouse earrings add seasonal flair.

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Rising Expectations

It’s been a while since I have blogged Phoenix Rising – and that’s unfortunate because the clothes are even more distinctive and fun. Take this lovely outfit called Motive, is there anything more fun that that lovely plaid corset with the wide sash and belt?

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Okay, I was wearing this and tp’ed into a dance club and got an instant IM that said, “Yummy.”  Since that comment was not followed up by “do you want to see my freenis?” I took it as a compliment and to be honest, this outfit is designed to elicit a yummy or two or it’s not working, right? It’s those corset pants from LeeZu. I have featured them before  – they are just so….YUMMY!!!

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I know I wore this jacket just the other day – with the Chanel Cross outfit, but I could not resist. I think it’s an insta-classic. You know, one of those pieces that will be pulled out again and again and again because it’s just so versatile and looks so good. You can see that it project a completely different style paired with the ruffled white blouse released the same day. This is a traditional and classic look and it’s done beautifully by Sugar Cube and available exclusively at Black Market sim.

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