Double Take: A Balancing Act

One of the exciting things about fashion is the way you can shift the entire mood of an outfit just by changing a few accessories. I thought I might add a new “feature” occasionally taking one outfit and giving it two looks. I am starting out with the Brio dress from Chantkare. I love the bold graphic look of this dress with the over-sized collar, bell sleeves and the bold stripes. I first selected accessories that emphasized its clean, modern lines.
I chose some soft and feminine accessories that would change the focus, adding a softer, more romantic element that still honors the modern graphic style of the dress.
I shot the pics at Camomile – home of tram where I bought some of the accessories I use to set the mood for the two looks. There’s a chair outside the store with a fun balancing animation that distracted me until i decided to just go ahead and use it in the shoot – after all, fashion is often a balancing act between moderation and exuberant extravagance.

To accentuate the modern look of the dress, I added striped stockings from Ghost. They are sheer and looked just a bit too smooth with the fabric of the dress so I put some leggings from House of Fox underneath to give them more texture. The duotone Typhoon boots are from Paper Couture.
For the romantic look, I took off the Ghost socks so that the Vintage stockings from House of Fox are exposed. The shoes are from Courtisane.
The jewelry for the modern look is from tram – and it’s very modern. The Lips earrings and necklace add a bit of ironic humor that sticks its tongue out at fashion rules. It’s a fun element that gives this outfit a bit of joy. I also added The Bucket hat with hair from Sprawl – a store whose disappearance from Second Life still makes me sad. It’s an old hat and I wish that it was still available to all of you. There are some bucket hats on Marketplace, so if you like the look, you can find something similar.
For the romantic look, I took off the collar and added the chiffon ribbon necklace from tram. The bow suspended from a necklace keeps a modern edge to the romanticism – and that makes it work. I took off the hat and added this gorgeous group gift from tram. It’s a red version of one tram’s hair styles. As a redhead, I really love the idea of red being the gift color.
The makeup is Kip from Lelutka. I wanted a subtle makeup because the dress is so strong and powerful. You get a nice close look at one of the earrings, too.
The makeup stays the same for both looks – an advantage of choosing a subtle shadow and lip color. The earrings are the Vintage Pearl Rose set from Dark Mouse.

p.s. I have to give a shout out to Di Hoorenbeek whose awesome blog post and styling set me on the trail of tram.

***STYLE NOTES******

  • Poses: Reel Expressions and tram
  • Skin: Lelutka Kit
  • Eyes: Poetic Color
  • Lashes: Lelutka
  • Hair: sprawl the bucket (no longer available)
  • Dress: Chantkare Brio Dress
  • Shoes: Paper Couture Typhoon Boots
  • Accessories: Ghost Prison stockings Over House of Fox Antique Leggings
  • Jewelry: tram lips earring and necklace
  • Location: Tram Main Store At the time of this shoot, tram did not show up in search despite the parcel name being specified and a pick in the creator’s profile. Search glitches are so annoying!

2nd look

  • Hair: tram A330
  • Accessories: House of Fox Vintage leggings
  • Shoes: Courtisane Hors d’halene
  • Jewelry: Dark Mouse Vintage Pearl Rose Earrings, Tram chiffon ribon necklace

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