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Keep It Simple


I completely fell in love with this coat from Topazia even though I am wearing it without its fur cuffs and collar. It comes in 9 lovely colors and is styled to easily wear over a dress or skirt. The collar and cuffs are typical prim fur with the typical alpha glitches that only disappear when viewed from the right direction. I thought the coat looked more chic and modern without them. However, for a more luxe look you can certainly add them. For me, I will go with the clean lines of the simple mesh coat.


As you can see, it’s not lacking for design details that define it as a high end coat with the caplet bodice and the lovely bow. The dress, worn a size smaller peek sour where it should and not where it should not. The little handbag from Cherry is delicious.
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Quiet Contradictions

I love when designers do the unexpected and take something that has been around a long time and use it in a new way. The Fall/Winter collection from Legal Insanity is all about fusing contradictory elements into something new and exciting. One element is the fabric. Through most of the collection, designer Datrip Blackbart uses traditional menswear fabrics – pinstripes and plaids. However, you never see them made into the traditional suit. For the men, they show up in dropped-crotch pants and hoodies and other urban casuals. Meanwhile, for women you see the quiet contradiction of the traditional menswear pinstripe in a strapless formal gown. These pieces deny the expected and take us in an unexpected direction – but more importantly, they work. Looking at this gorgeous pinstripe gown, you can see how perfectly it works.
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New To Me


Another designer from AVENUE Fall/Winter Fashion Week who was new to me is Ngozi Faith of OZI. She presented a small mini-collection that featured black and white pieces of deceptive simplicity. Her aesthetic is distinctly minimalist, but with a passion for deconstructing. Take this Origami crop top in black. It’s a simple tee with segmented sleeves that make it so much more interesting, but in a simple, clean way – without embellishment. In fact, she achieves by taking away, what most achieve by adding. A neat trick. I have already styled this top in three different outfits – over a lace bodysuit, with a leather pencil skirt and with the eye-catching Curve skirt that she presented it with at Fashion Week.

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Feeling (f)risqué

13 August 21

I kind of fell in love with the ISON Razzle pants and vest for Collabor88. They come separately so they can be mixed and matched. They come in six colors, black, white, gray, camel, green and blue, making them great foundation pieces for your wardrobe. I am a bit of pixel prude, so when I went to The Velvet last night, I added this lovely wrap from One Bad Pixel for a more discreet look.

13 August 21

However, daring fashionistas that don’t mind risking a little slip here and there, can war just the vest. Frankly both the One Bad Pixel wrap top and the Ison Razzle vest fit so well, i didn’t bother with the alpha layers.

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A Life More Ordinary

I was having RL stress Wednesday night when my friend Harrison logged in. He’s never around, at least when not when I am, so I ordered out for sushi and invited him to come over and hangout in Government Housing with me. Continue reading

Why You Need These Things…A Post About Staples

I Need Some ShoesThere are things any well dressed girl has to have. HAS to have. Even if you just have ONE, it should be a good one and serviceable.  Today’s post is dedicated to those things. Continue reading

Your Mama Wears Combat Boots

Your Mama_001


An insult from childhood I never quite got the INSULT part of was “YOUR MAMA WEARS COMBAT BOOTS”. I guess it means your Mama isn’t a lady. But then that flies in the face of feminism. Perhaps a throwback part doin’ the dozens with your friends. Continue reading

Let Me Give Your Heart A Break

I Know You Are

Watching the temperature drop has made me a cranky girl. I want my daffodils and spring days. I am ready now, for winter to be gone and the newness of the world to open up like oxygen to us all. Continue reading

Hunting With Love


Mijn Boutiques cat sweater seems made for me – the caretaker and servant of a black and white cat named Oscar.

My mom liked to say that everything you do should be done with love. It is one reason why I am so fond of the With Love Hunt an annual event that asks all of us to act with love. Creators are asked to create with love – making wonderful items that they will offer at a fraction of their worth. Bloggers are asked to blog with love and integrity, without giving away anything more than approved hints. Hunters are asked to hunt with love, without complaints about the nomimal 10 linden price or hard-to-find items. We may not all succeed, but we are asked to try.

This sweater from Mijn was certainly made with love, love for cats, for whimsy, for fun. And it came to my attention with love when a blog reader, knowing my fondness for Oscar, alerted me to this Oscarish cat. And yes, I am blogging it with love, love for my ridiculously entertaining cat and the fey spirit that creates such a fun sweater for me to enjoy and the diligent event coordinator who uses her skills to build community.

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