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Too cute for words

Well, I suppose if I said something about this dress, then I could not say it’s too cute for words. So, instead of saying something about the dress, let me point out the adorably cute ring from flirt (a review item)  – called onyx bloom which has a super color change script so you can make it go with anything even this dress that is too cute for words.

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Green Christmas

My friend Trinity Eales of Shameless dropped this lovely gown on me a few weeks ago. Trinity doesn’t follow fashion blogs so I doubt she intended for me to blog this – just sharing something she thought I would like. She knows green is my favorite color. I was really excited to see the dress, too, as it’s very different from what she usually makes.  I am not positive, but I think this might be her first formal dress. At any rate, I love the rich emerald satin and the elegant simplicity of the design.

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Who Needs Another Prim Skirt and Tank Top Combo?

posted by Gidge Uriza

Well…….I do.

Casual wear in our world consists of pants and tops or skirts and tops – just like RL. So yeah, it can get tiresome to see tank after tank after tank paired with this or that. Which is where patterns and textures come in so nicely.

For me, this ensemble at SHAMELESS was an easy sell, the skirt is simple and unobtrusive (prims skirts have to be eye-catchingly brilliant or very simple in my opinion) and the top is a fun print. Continue reading


posted by Gidge Uriza

So the first thing you are saying is GIDGE WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? At work, dude. At work. New job means TIRED TIRED TIRED. And I decided that since I am so chronically tired, I would show you what I want to be wearing 24/7 in RL.

I own intirely too many pajamas for a game where sleeping isn’t an activity I do. But I’m obsessed, I love to find fun, cool pajamas to wear. I’ve held impromptu pajama parties at my house, or gone to club events etc. Most recently I attended the Hair Fair pajama party the night before the fair opened. Low ARC was not on the menu that night, as you can clearly see. Continue reading

If Snow White Were A Stripper…..

posted by Gidge Uriza

Trinity Eales at Shameless specializes in sexy clothes – many specifically targeted toward erotic dancers and courtesans.  When she rolled out her costumes last year for Halloween there was no disappointment – the beautiful yet sexy designs she offered were classy and fun….yet not your run of the mill Halloween styles.

She carries a large number of costume style garments in stock all year, not just in October. So if sexy dancer/courtesan is your bag, or you just have a special occasion to look super sexy for check out Shameless. Most of her outfits are priced under L$200 – so they’re quite affordable as well – and Trinity always has out some great freebies and deals. Continue reading

What Every Fashionista Needs – and how to make it

All but the most flamboyantly exhibitionist of us have an outfit or two that we adore but are reluctant to wear due to over-exposure. So, we might wear the outfits only with our beloved – knowing that sort of exposure is a treat for his eyes alone. But, taking a few minutes, we can make ourselves some undergarments that will make the outfits something we can wear in public and not worry.

In this post, I am wearing two SHAMELESS outfits that defnitely expose everything, a feature, not a bug, in the eyes of the daring designer Trinity Eales. For me, pixel prude that I am, I needed a solution. Continue reading