Too cute for words

Well, I suppose if I said something about this dress, then I could not say it’s too cute for words. So, instead of saying something about the dress, let me point out the adorably cute ring from flirt (a review item)  – called onyx bloom which has a super color change script so you can make it go with anything even this dress that is too cute for words.

See those fun, vibrant multi-color shoes with the ribbons from LiNe. I could not resist pairing them with this dress from TOSL that is too cute for words, even though TOSL also makes a pair of matching shoes which are also adorable. Didn’t care, was all melty in love with these shoes at the moment.

See those lovely green gloves that complement the dress that is too cute for words. I just borrowed them from teh Shameless dress from yesterday, though you could also use the Fleur leather gloves – which you could tint to match the dress that is, all together now, too cute for words.

Here you can see the Elemental Muse jewelry set t hat I thought was a particularly good match for the dress that is….too cute for words.

The hair is Alanya from Sky Everett and familiar to regular readers as a favorite of mine. Actually, it’s my favorite updo because it frames my face so beautifully and has a natural, free  and easy look to it without the harder edges and forehead so common in many of the formal, structured upswept styles. This is a perfect hairstyle for elegant occasions such as one where you would wear this dress that is too cute for words.

Here’s the Amethyst Kisses makeup from Belleza which was released today. I would say it’s too cute for words, but that would be too much.

****STYLE NOTES******

Review items denoted with R

  • Poses: Persona/Poseur
  • Skin: Belleza Belle Amethyst Kisses R
  • Eyes: IC-Eyes Soulful Hazel
  • Lashes: CyberNetic
  • Gloves: Shameless Melisa Green dress
  • Hair: Sky Everett Designs Lady Alanya
  • Dress: TOSL Punk Princess Peacock
  • Shoes: LiNe KeLebeQ Green
  • Jewelry: EM Midnight Fire
  • Rings: Flirt Onyx Bloom R

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