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The dress is Blossom from Rock Me Amadeus. The shrug is from Little Rebel which has closed.

A thing of beauty is a joy for ever:
Its lovliness increases; it will never
Pass into nothingness; but still will keep
A bower quiet for us, and a sleep
Full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing.


A dress called Blossom has to be shot among the flowers

Therefore, on every morrow, are we wreathing
A flowery band to bind us to the earth,
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Shiki Shiki Retro Pop


High-waisted pants, sleeveless print tops, narrow belts – all are iconic fashions of the 1960s. Shinichi Mathy of Shiki Designs, though, gives them contemporary punch with his bright, saturated colors and shine in the Esme pants outfit. The pink in those pants is pure 2011.
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Yummy Plum!

Every week, when we hear what the new color will be for the 52 Weeks of Color bloggers challenge, I scour my favorite designers shops for something that I think is the perfect hue for that week.  When I saw this dress at Ingenue it jumped out at me screaming… I’m PLUM!  And it doesn’t hurt that it fits nicely into my “look” of late – that 40’s pinup girl style.

From the sexy sweetheart cut-out neckline ~ down to the flouncy bottom of the waist defining corset ~ and the sexy hip hugging pencil skirt this dress screams sex siren.  And plum just goes fantastically with my red hot hair.

Style Notes:

Dress:  Ingenue – East West, Purple Haze

Shoes:  Ingenue – Freynii, Noir

Jewelry:  Donna Flora – Dark, earrings and Exodi – Monarchy, Bracelet

Hair:  Pocket Mirrors – Josie Curls, Brick

Skin:  Belleza – Jesse, Sunkiss 9 (cleavage)

Eyes:  Poetic Colors, fairy eyes-gretel bright


Here Be Colors

Micah Kanto is an adventurous designer, exploring shape, color, texture and ranging from sweet floral femininity to avant garde exploration of the extremes of fashion. With the three short summer dresses recently released by Modern Gypsy, the avenue for exploration was color and pattern. I love the bright summery boldness of the batik print with tribal inspirations. And sure enough, while looking at other constructions by the SL sim artist Glyph Graves, I found a sculpture installation that is almost the kinetic expression of the dress.

The title of the exhibit is Here Be Creatures and it’s a constantly moving, shifting light show that can entertain and mesmerize. You can find it Arachnod here: Here Be Creatures.

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A Day In The Life of a Very Spoiled Kitty

posted by Gidge Uriza

Yaaaaawn Stretch. Hiyas everyone. You all have Callie Cline to blame for my transformation into the most spoiled kitty on The Grid. I just went over to buy a couple of dresses, but there it was, the tail by Psychotic Neko for Callie Cline and the diamond Nekoture ears…….and I was hooked. Come on, how could I not love something THIS girly?

I thought I’d torture you and make you follow the glammiest, prissiest kitty ever around for a day. There are even two SUPER SPECIAL GUEST STARS in today’s post, but you gotta WAIT for them!

To start our kitty day, we need a bath. NO, we are not afraid of water. As long as the water comes from a fancy roman bath…….quit staring, you bum lookers.

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The Week of Yummy Goodness

I had my birthday this week – which meant Angel Food Cake and Stawberries & Cream. Yummy goodness I limit to once a year. It was amazingly good and I had two slices!! Add to that the arrival of Belleza’s Elle and Zaara’s new retro-hot lingerie and last week was definitely a week of yummy goodness.

Now, I am not a skin reviewer who goes along the seam lines looking for flaws – though from what I can tell, if I did I would find none. I judge skins on how they make me feel and how I look. I don’t like to edit my shape – and prefer skins that keep my looking like me – just with different makeups and emphasis/shades.  Belleza is perfect for that.

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Like a flower

Like a flower waiting to bloom
Like a lightbulb in a dark room
I’m just sitting here waiting for you
To come home and turn me on

The quiet beauty of Norah Jones’ Turn Me On is a perfect accompaniment to Baiastice’s Comme des fleurs (Like the flowers) not just in literal terms, but also in the soft romanticism they both evoke. From the pale blush pink of the dress to the quiet bell-like notes of the song – this is quiet, sure and profound romanticism at work.

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It's Not White

Chance Greatrex of DARE sent me some poses as a lovely Christmas present – a new set called White. I asked his inspiration and he said the poses were inspired by the color white – that he wanted a couture elegance that was clean and high fashion. That’s from memory, so it’s just a paraphrase. I thought the poses certainly achieved his goal.  However, I was wearing this at the time and informed him that his poses work perfectly with red and black as well.

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