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Hot Hot Haute


One of the reasons I enjoy Fashion Week in real life and Second Life® is the abundance of high fashion designs that are haute, haute, haute. Take the Liana gown from Zanze. There’s nothing practical or sensible about and that is why I love it.
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Confessions – Wrath


PXL Creations WRATH

Number four on the Seven Sins series celebrating the coincidentally simultaneous release of PXL Creations Seven Sins Gacha skins and Buckcherry’s Confessions album with songs focusing on each of the Seven Sins. Today’s sin is Wrath – and the skin is deliciously maleficent while the song was appropriately angry and hard-edged. Of course, what made it work so well for wrath aurally made it one I didn’t like as well as the others.

Hey man, do you wanna get a fist so hard?
Do you wanna see who’s in charge?
I’m gonna show you your future
Hey man, you think you’re strong enough to play this game?
It’s gonna burn like acid rain, you’re gonna need some sutures

I got this need to be broken and I’m taking you on this ride
I got this need to broken and I keep all my wrath inside


I chose this dress from Faster Pussycat because its strong lines are accented with white stitching giving it a very disciplined look while the ruff is reminiscent of how animals raise their hackles in anger and also of Queen Elizabeth I who could be wrathful and powerful.

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Children of the Night


Late at night
When the world is safe within their dreams
I walk the shadows

Late at night
An empty feeling creeps within my soul
I feel so lonely


So I go into the darkness of the night
All alone I walk the streets until I find
Someone who is just like me
Looking for some company

Children of the night
Late at night

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If Beau Brummel Were the Designer for Star Wars


If Beau Brummel were the designer for Star Wars, I think Darth Vader might have had a cute little number like this and we would have been so much happier with the Empire. After all, if you must have evil overlords, they should be sharply dressed evil overlords.
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Modavia Fashion Week 2011.11

modern gypsy

The runway shows got off to a great start with the fun and colorful Modern Gypsy collection for Modavia Fashion Week. I love Micah Kanto’s design aesthetic – which gives us new and innovative shapes, bold colors and forms while remaining versatile and wearable. Muuuuahhh!

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So I Went to Pteron


I love this new bodysuit from House of Hucci with its gorgeous dropped sleeves – something you can find at the Call For Couture event that is raising funds for The Samaritans. Although they have been planning this for a long time, the recent spate of suicides has made the event more timely than they could have imagined. Because the SL fashion world is always busy with events and charitable activities, the Jewelry Fair is also busy raising funds for Oxfam International. Doing good by looking good! That’s should be Second Life fashion’s motto.


Pteron has many different places to visit when you go there, but I was captivated by this stairway that would probably give me an anxiety attack in real life. For the shoot, I used Codie’s fabulous windlight settings that are included in many of the alternate viewers. This is Rouge 4 and has such a dramatic feeling that it seemed perfect for that tense balancing act on the stairs and the ominous setting of this fortress.
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Jewelry Fair Faves: Violator


If you’re looking for a hot, sexy, edgy look, you should head right over to the Violator booth at the Jewelry Fair where Soraya Vaher has conjured up some gorgeous jewelry and accessories for the Fair. For this outfit, I chose the fabulous The Punk, The Ruff and the Beast collection of earrings, neckpiece and bracelet as well as the hat from The Dark Note set.


They are perfect accessories for the gorgeous House of Hucci exclusive for LeLook. The bold red, white and black is dramatic. The lines of sequins remind me of the earring design. It’s a dress that demands jewelry that is out of the ordinary and that’s the only kind of jewelry you can find at Violator.
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Birds of a Feather


When I saw the amazing Passage to India dress from Violator, I decided to take the expression “Birds of a feather flock together” to the extreme, adding peacock earrings and hair to the mix. I suppose I could also have added peacock shoes, but a different pair of shoes came to mind. In fact, when I saw the shoes at the Shoe Fair, I said to myself, “Self, now you can finally shoot that wild outfit from Violator!” You see, I finally have shoes wild enough to match the wild energy of the dress.

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IFW10: Going to the Chapel

Second Life has created a transnational community that illustrates on a daily basis that the people of the world have more that binds us together than divides us.  Some of  those ties are frivolous such as excitement over the World Cup and love of fashion and music. There are also more profound bindings as well – such as the certain fact that all of us have someone in our lives affected by cancer. No wonder, then, that Relay For Life is such a huge series of events over the course of the year.  This weekend, International Fashion Week features 20 designers – and all have a unique design on auction to raise funds for RFL. Of course, there are all sorts of other fabulous creations there such as this gown I am teasing you with.

Meanwhile, it’s Relay Weekend and as part of that the fabulous St. Illuninatious Cathedral is also on auction.  Now, some might find it sad that one of the strongest forces unifying people in Second Life is cancer, but that’s not quite accurate. The strongest force unifying people in Second Life is hope – the hope that working together they can defeat cancer.

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