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Gasqhe: the Joy of Discovery

Gasqhe Wen

One of the joys of events like Modavia Fashion Directory is the discovery of new designers and new stores and sometimes, as in the case of Karija Azalee, whose collection for Gasqhe blew me away. I was struck by the originality and the unique vision of her collection so planned to check out her store and saw no info in her picks. I im’ed to suggest she put her LM in her picks and she confess she didn’t have a store yet, but would in the near future. In the interim, she has a boutique booth at Moravia. The booths will stay open for two months, so there’s plenty of time for you to get there.

Gasqhe Jils

I think I compared her textures as Cezanne on Acid. They have the muted, soft look of watercolors. This dress, Jils, makes me think of a bed if irises. Irises were my mom’s favorite flower and they always find a soft spot in my heart.

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Modavia Fashion Week 2011.11

modern gypsy

The runway shows got off to a great start with the fun and colorful Modern Gypsy collection for Modavia Fashion Week. I love Micah Kanto’s design aesthetic – which gives us new and innovative shapes, bold colors and forms while remaining versatile and wearable. Muuuuahhh!

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