I <3 Zaara

I love scarves, love them with a passion. My closet is full of scarves from Russian wedding ring scarves to color Indian scarves, from vibrant Pucci silks to glorious handpainted Japanese scarves and everything in between. In fact, I love scarves so much I invented a way to store them so they are easily accessible and don’t get a scrunchy and wrinkled. I hung two curtain rods in my closet, one six inches above the other, and put about 100 round shower curtain rings on each one. I hang my scarves by looping them through the rings so they are all visible, neat and easy to select when I dress in the morning. So, when Zaara released her wonderful Pashmina scarves I was in heaven.

Strangely enough I am wearing a blue skirt and blouse in RL as well today. And a scarf – my RL scarf is a lovely silk Paloma Picasso and the SL scarf is by Zaara and I think I like the Zaara scarf better. Zaara never ceases to amaze me with her vibrant and rich textures that have so much depth. You see the play of light on her clothes in many gradations and with wondrous verisimiltude. I just marvel at the level of dedication and attention to detail involved in these creations.

My RL blue sweater is a plain blue cashmere blend. I really love the SL top and wish I had one in RL. I think I might look for one. It’s from NTC and called Rangoon…and he makes it for men, too. It comes on the shirt and undershirt layer, but it doesn’t have a panties layer to lengthen the shirt.  It comes in a lot of colors as well. The skirt is from artilleri and also comes in a lot of color and in a fat pack. It’s a simple circle skirt but comes with a shirt or jacket layer to make the waistband.  I think you will find this such a useful wardrobe staple  – to combine with tops from dresses and other outfits, that you will be best served just getting the fatpack.

Here you can see the detail of the paisly print and the pleating in the wonderful Rangoon shirt.  The necklace is from Bonita’s Jewelry and the darling blue dangle earrings are from Kess Kreations.

The hair is a new release from MMS and I really like it on and moving on my avatar but frozen like this is a photo, I am less enthralled and think it looks like my hairspray got stuck in the on position.  I think it’s one of those hair styles that looks better worn and moving than in a static pose like this. Definitely walk around in the demo and see what you think before you buy it – it’s an edgy style and not for everyone.  One nice touch is that the headband, though black when you get it, is only tinted black, so you can tint it to go with what you are wearing.

****STYLE NOTES******
Skin: Symphony Skins Presto
Eyes: IC-Eyes Soulful Hazel
Lashes: CyberNetic
Nails: Symphony Skins Tintable
Hair: MMS Ashley (tinted the scarf)
Top: XNT Rangoon Shirt
Skirt: Artilleri Carla Circle Skirt
Shoes: Shiny Things Belles
Scarf: Zaara PAshmina Scarf
Necklace: Bonita’s Jewelry: Gold Rectangles Necklace
Bangles: Fresh Baked Goods Turkish Delight
Earrings: Kess Creations Cotidiano Blue Skies

9 thoughts on “I <3 Zaara

  1. kesseret

    Oh hey, Blue Skies! Thank you for wearing them. They aren’t real though, they are real virtual LOL. <3

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  3. Ruby Garnet

    Gorgeous scarf! Truly original, vibrant, and lovely. Zaara has amazing talent, evident in all of her creations. I’m glad to see this pashmina crossing over to all styles of clothing on the grid. Great post and photos, Casja!

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