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In the Valley of the Kings

Among my most unique pieces of jewelry is a heavy ornate Egyptian Revival necklace with the head of King Tut made of bakelite. Both bakelite and King Tut arrived on the scene in 1922 and much of the jewelry of the later Egyptian Revival combined both of them.  Admiring the Digital Alchemy event at Kings Rezzable, I was reminded more of the Egyptian Revival than anciant Egypt and that is as it should be – that was when Egypt was its most fashionable. That’s why Inorite’s classic bob is the perfect hairstyle – incorporating the modernism of the 1920’s with the Egyptian Revival aesthetic.

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Halloween Exposure

One of the really great things about Halloween for some folks is that it allows you to indulge the id a little bit, giving you permission to dress in ways that are unimaginable to you 364 other days of the year. Take for example, this Bastet costume from WishedOn, this is not the clothing of pixel prudery. No, this is exhibitionist clothing and how fun is it that Halloween’s unrestrained foolery frees our inner Jezebels.

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