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Merry Christmas, Heidi Volare!

Heidi Volare_006

Heidi Volare may be familiar to blog readers as the author of The Fashionable Heart, but she graces us today as Guest Stylist. She has an easy, casual style that ranges from jeans and t-shirt to super-sexy club dresses, or as she referred to it, “the hoochie.” I don’t know, myself, I think she looks a bit too elegant for hoochie. She’s the perfect femme fatale.

Heidi Volare_001

Everybody knows that femme fatales haunt moody, eccentric and atmospheric nightclubs, so we went to Flashman’s, where Art Deco meets idiosyncrasy and one can imagine a thousand stories. I can imagine the “Lost Generation” idling here while arguing the finer points of  a sentence or Weimar Republic spies passing maps or world-class thieves planning their next caper around the hookah.

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There was this three-sheep pileup


How did this happen? Should I call 911? I know tornadoes do strange and mysterious things, but I don’t see any other storm damage at Empress & Hierophant, but wandering the hills I came upon a three-sheep pileup and stopped to help. However, the sheep seemed immovable and I eventually left them there – stacked and waiting for rescue from someone with proper perms.
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elf tuesday – 2/52 Blue

 2/52 blue

Ok Luna, its week 2 of the 52 weeks of color challenge, and you have picked out the colour that I think I have the LEAST of in my inventory.  I mean, I could almost start to take this personally, bcuz if you type the word “blue” into my inventory, perhaps 10 items come up.  *sings to self*  ‘I gots no blue bla da dee da da dooo…”

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The Crows

The Designers United event is always fascinating. It’s wonderful to see the way creative minds percolate away, bubbling up with new and exciting ideas even when they focus on one central theme. This time the theme was crows and there were some truly fabulous designs produced. It reminded me, though, of a dress from Redgrave – this Cord Sequin Mini-Dress I bought several months ago, so I pulled it out to mix in with some of the Designers United pieces for a new look. The hot demi-gloves come with the Redgrave dress. The bracelets are from Zaara and Gabriel.

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