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Week 8 – Dark Raspberry (yum)

All I could think about when I was doing this post was vanilla greek yogurt with fresh raspberries over the top… wonder why? Now I know what to add to my grocery list tomorrow. Your shopping list will be much simpler and cheaper…..

Dark Raspberry - 8

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Folly~Week 7

Is it folly of me to try to catch up? I think not! I have faith that I’ll get there. It’s summer…. I’ll have time…. LOL! Folly is the color of fun so, for fun, I’ve chosen this simple draped swimsuit from Delish.

Folly - Week 7

Shopping List:
Swimsuit: Delish – Cutout Swimsuit, Watermelon
Hair: CaTwA – Maysa, Wheat
Skin: Curio – Party Girl, Petal Rave 2
Eyelashes: LeLutka, Natural
Eyes: ID – Gem eyes, Sunset
Feet: Slink – Natural Barefeet, mesh

I’ve Been Bad…..

Now that I have your attention….. Well, I kinda have been bad.  It’s been more than a month since my last blog post.  I’ve gotten out of habit and I really need to jump back into the fire.   So, with that, I have my contribution for Week 6 of the 52 Week’s of Color – Alice Blue.  And its a saucy lil’ lingerie set from Lil’Lace, called Sugar Blue. (Sorry I’m not in-world and do not have LM’s).

Alice Blue - Full

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Exodi Sophie = <3

Ohaiiii everyboooddyy!! So.. I was in the middle of this post last week and my computer crashed.. and would not start back up… I tried everything.. And finally it let me atleast reformat.. BUT I lost EVERYTHING!! lol SO!! I NOW BRING YOU A DETAILED POST FOR THIS BEAUTIFUL SKIN!!! This is from Exodi and its named Sophie annnnddd LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOOVVVEE!!! I know you saw it on me last week.. but I wanted to bring you a break down and show off all the wonderful goodness you can choose from!! So.. Here we goooooooo!!! 😀 <333333333

The pic above if just a pic of me and I have on the black eye shadow skin on and looovvveee!! Annndd below we have ALL THE SKIN TONES!!! hahahah.. yeaaaaa… You have 10 different tones to choose from… I always go fro a little tanner than most.. But then again.. I am a Texas girl.. and well.. It doesnt really get cold for very long here.. RL me is also tan!! OKAY! Continue reading

New Skin Sophie from Exodi <3

I just haaadd to do a quick post and show off the newest skin I shall soon fat pack!! BUUUTT for right now I just got the basic skin!! Exodi has been working on this skin Sophie for some time now and I have been itching to demo it!! SOOOO!! I got to last night!! I fell in love with it and just had to buy it!! It comes in MANY different tones.. The one I am wearing is Soleil tone.. And I love it!! Check it out!! <333

There are many lipsticks.. freckles.. & eyeliners to choose from orrrr you could just fat pack it!! BUT!! Make sure you get to Exodi and demo this skin!! Love love lovvvvee!! <3

Skin – ::Exodi:: – Sophie
Tats – [HUZ]– Dark Floral
Eyes – .ID. – Light Sensitive
Eyelashes – Redgrave – Diva (I got them at a skin fair years ago.. idk if they still sell them)
Piercings – <- Pierce Of Mind -> – Fluffy V2 (modded)
Hair – ::Exile:: – Veronique

Merp! :)

Hello beautiful fashion people!! I hope you all had an amazing weekend and stuff!! I was drugged up on pain killers most of the weekend due to having my wisdom teeth removed.. buuutt I did manage to find some time for SL!! And I must say Pink Fuel’s skin Alyx is to diieeee for!! It is only a limited time skin so get it while you can!! I cannot wait until this whole line is released I love it so much I see a fat pack in my future!! I also love the new play ground at Artilleri Home!! Too freaking cute!! Check it ouuuuuutt!! <333333

While I was on SL I also got a chance to have a shopping spree in the Truth District!! I know its not new.. But it is new for me!! Lol I was super excited when I found this shirt from LeeZu.. It was love at 1st site! 😀

Well.. That is all I have for you guys today!! I hope you like!! The SLURL’s are to follow!! See you tomorrow and stuff!! *waves* 🙂 <33333333

Skin – [PF] – Alyx – Candy Hearts (Only for a limited time)
Tats – :: Garden of Ku :: – Hathor Garden
Piercings – <- Pierce Of Mind -> – Fluffy V2 (modded)
Eyes – .ID. – Starburst Eyes
Hair – !lamb. – Cinnamon – Chocolate Bars
Shirt – [LeeZu!] – Oui Oui Shirt
Pants – DeeTaleZ – Pants capri jeans
Shoes – DeeTaleZ – Pumps black No.2
Necklace – ~Pepper~ – Plektrum Necklace – Skully
Bracelet – (NSD) – Chained Wrist

Location – Artilleri

Tralalalalalalaaaaaa! <3

Hi!! So.. For once in my life time.. I dont have much to say!! It is one of those gloomy days in RL and I honestly just didnt wanna get out of bed… So I am just going to jump straight to it and show you my look of the day!! Sounds good right? Oki.. Well.. Here… <333333333333333

Nooowww a little closer of a look on my outfit.. I love this hair from LeLutka.. I guess maybe its because I am from Texas and I just love big hair.. But yea… It has my heart!! 🙂

Happy Hump Day everyone!! I hope you all have an amazing day and stuff!! <333

Skin – -Belleza- – Chloe
Tats – [HUZ] – Dark Floral
Piercings – <- Pierce Of Mind -> – Fluffy V2 (modded)
Eyes – .ID. – Starburst Eyes
Hair – [LeLutka] – BLYTHE
Dress – erratic / – marney – laser cut dress
Pants – .::Silenced::. – Star Jeans (I think the store closed, I cant find it in world) 🙁
Shoes – {mon tissu} – Provence Riding Boots
Necklace – *LC* E – Meguinis Necklace
Belt – fri. – Wide Waist.Belt

Week 5 – Patina

I did an inventory search and came up with this dress from e! which seemed to be the perfect match for Patina!  I also downloaded the newest Firestorm viewer and low and behold I could shoot SHADOWS and not lag!!!!


You have no idea how happy that makes me… I have an ATI graphics card and it seems SL and shadows do not like ATI cards… until now (shhhh don’t tell anyone lest they take it away).

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I Don't Want To Work… I Just Want To Bang On The Drum All Day!!!

TODAY… IS…. FRIIIIDDDAAAAYYY!!! YAYAYAYAYAAAAAAYY!! Hahaha I hope you all had an AMAZING week.. And I hope you are all ready to kick the weekend off with a BANG!! I know I am!! Butttt!! Lets get to the main reason for this post shall we? My outfit today is casual.. Cute.. Fun.. But very casual.. I have never really got into Exile’s hair.. It just… Never fit my head right.. Idk.. I just probably have a misshaped head or something.. But!!! I did try on this new one Veronique and I fell in love!! Check it out!! <33333

I just love Gawk! Like.. Loooovvveee n stuff! And this new top comes in my FAVORITE color teal.. So.. It was like a HAVE TO BUY ME kinda thing when I saw it… I mean come on.. Who doesn’t love some polka-dots?!?! 😀

Allllllllright ladies & gents!! (if n e gents read this lol) That is all I have for today!! I will be taking a breather for the weekend and will return to you soon!! I hope you all have a WONDERFUL relaxing weekend and and stuff!! Byyyyee!!! <333333

Skin – -Belleza- – Chloe
Tats – [HUZ] – Dark Floral
Eyes – .ID. – Starburst Eyes
Hair – ::Exile:: – Veronique
Shirt –  Gawk! – Polka-Dotted Darling Shirt
Shorts – Ha! – Lowrise Bermuda
Shoes – [PM] – Baby T Plain
Necklace – *SiSSi* – Lucky Dice (Store is closed.. sorry I didnt know til after blogging this)
Belt – .:Hermony:. – LuckyDeath
Bracelets –  .:Hermony:. – Studded Wristband