I Too, Love Evie's Closet

posted by Gidge Uriza

So I’ve been drooling all week watching Cajsa break out the Evie’s closet love. One of the great things about blogging with a partner is that although we do like alot of the same stores – we often shop at places the other places has never heard of/never goes to. So you get great exposure to other shops that you might have taken months to find.

Such as Evie’s. I’m notorious for hearing of a place and then never making it over.  I know……all you creators love my attention span, right?

This heavy velvet medieval gown is probably better suited for Christmas time and madrigals but I just can’t care. I am completely enamored of it, and was the second it rezzed in her store. This gorgeous gown set me back exactly L$500…….which is NUTS considering it’d be L$1500 at other shops  for such incredible quality and gorgeous, rich design.

Jewelry from Balderdash

Jewelry from Balderdash

I couldn’t believe the reasonable prices for seriously high end beautiful gowns.  And yeah, I used to have no money in SL too. Totally don’t want to hear it.  Remember my rule, better to have ONE of something GOOD than 10 of something crappy. That rule always served me VERY well when I was a penniless AV…….one good pair of shoes instead of 20 crappy ones – and people always commented on my shoes.

Evie’s closet serves her customers the same way. Owning one of her gowns sets you apart -whether it’s for costume or just a really fantastic ballgown. I am so delighted to have discovered her. Thanks Fashion Mafia Drama for calling my attention to this wonderful store!

New Skin From Symphony Skins - ALTO Tone - Summer Sky - NIGHT

New Skin From Symphony Skins - ALTO Tone - Summer Sky - NIGHT

There is a new line of skin at SYMPHONY SKINS and I file this under RUN Don’t Walk! Claire Harford creates gorgeous skins with unique makeups. All her new Skins – the gen 3s are in the main room along with THREE or FOUR free gifts – and then her older work is in the back room of her new build. Go check her out – you will dig what you see!

Okay…….muwah to Evie’s Closet and muwah to Symphony Skins! Two great places everyone should go check out!

***Style Notes***

Review Items Noted with a Bold R

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape
  • Skin – Symphony Skins SSV3 ALTO – Summer Sky – Night R
  • Eyes – FNKY- Purple Rain
  • Hair – Truth – Amy Jane – Barley – DOLLARBIE!
  • Dress – Evie’s Closet – Saiyge in Green
  • Jewelry – Balderdash – Jazz Funeral – Twilight
  • Nails – Love Soul – Dark Green

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