Merry Christmas Vogel!


I think I have the best ex-boyfriends a girl could possibly want. One of my favorites is Vogel, or more officially Schrottvogel Wei. I met him long ago when I was looking for a custom-made surfboard and we have been friends ever since. Since you readers have been shy about volunteering as guest stylist, I invited him to show off his style. I know he has style since I have worn his bikinis a few times on this blog. Now, don’t forget, if you want to do a guest stylist shoot, IM Gidge or me. 


He suggested artilleri for the shoot as a place that would fit his somewhat Rockabilly style. It was pure kismet that there happened to be a car in front that had the same flames as his shirt. That was just too perfect to pass by. Of course, the shirt is made by artilleri’s Antonia Marat, but there aren’t cars parked in fornt with the same print as all her other shirts. Besides, those Chucks have flames, too, and they are from Akeyo.


Vogel was surprised when writing up his list that he wore so many accessories, but I wasn’t. He always has had a put-together style that recognized the value of accessorizing. He’s always been a big fan of tattooing as well, though this tattoo is one he made himself and is not for sale.


This is a new skin since I saw him last. It’s Redgrave’s King skin – a series of rugged skins that range from hot to hot and bothered. Actually, some in the series are for role-playing and have battle wounds and scars. Vogel’s version is the hot one – without the mud, blood and other botheration. With such a great look, you can see why I was tempted to capture him in a snowglobe. p.s. here’s the gorgeous board he made for me.


***STYLE NOTES******

  • Poses: Long Awkward Pose
  • Skin: *REDGRAVE* – 02b DeepTan Skin -King- /unshaved+base+bodyhair
  • Eyes: *REDGRAVE* – Eyes Craig -DarkTaupe-
  • Hair: Conzales Dsgns – U.December Balance/ brown
  • Shirt: /artilleri/ – Bowling shirt (jacket) *Flames – Black/Color*
  • Pants: – Dark Blue Jeans Belt
  • Shoes: AKEYO – Flame Chucks
  • Accessories:
    • /artilleri/ – buddy glasses
    • AITUI – (Type 2) Stretched Ear – Human
    • SSB – Scripted Cigarette
    • ]monogrind[ – dogtags
    • FNKY! – Plate Cuff Watch – Brown (Large)
    • FNKY! – Spike Cuff – Black (Small Right)
    • Tattoo: Vogel – Jailhouse Tattoo (personal, not for sale)

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