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LOTD 8 27 12 – Zodiac Event – Virgo

Well, Virgo just happens to be my birth sign so I HAD to attend this month *grins*! And of course I found this LOVELY mesh outfit from Evie’s Closet. A gorgeous tank and full flowing skirt, Kasia, Zodiac Virgo.
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I am going to see Cocorosie in a couple of weeks here in LA and as the date draws near I find myself wanting to blog extravagant outfits. I found such an outfit at House Of Rage. I’m all about the sparklies and feathers…which is strange because my avatar is not a girly girl. She is feminine though, I just tend to love dark colors.

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posted by Gidge Uriza

Guest Stylist Victoria Sabra is a plurk friend of me and my husband Silo and I was excited to see her pop in wearing a classic gown from Evie’s closet. 

Evie’s Closet rocks my socks.

I thought her ballet length mix and match of the Isabella from Evie’s closet was perfect for trick riding, and had to make her a circus queen. Not the cowboy kind. The lost Russian Princess kind. Continue reading

Just like Romeo & Juliet – Day 7 of I♥EC Week

We all have balconies in our minds where were stand wondering wherefore art our own personal Romeos the particular ones that captured our hearts. Next time you wander out to question the wisdom of Cupid’s aim, why not look the part and wear this lovely Devotion dress from Evie’s Closet? After all, it’s just like Romeo & Juliet.

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I Too, Love Evie's Closet

posted by Gidge Uriza

So I’ve been drooling all week watching Cajsa break out the Evie’s closet love. One of the great things about blogging with a partner is that although we do like alot of the same stores – we often shop at places the other places has never heard of/never goes to. So you get great exposure to other shops that you might have taken months to find.

Such as Evie’s. I’m notorious for hearing of a place and then never making it over.  I know……all you creators love my attention span, right?

This heavy velvet medieval gown is probably better suited for Christmas time and madrigals but I just can’t care. I am completely enamored of it, and was the second it rezzed in her store. This gorgeous gown set me back exactly L$500…….which is NUTS considering it’d be L$1500 at other shops  for such incredible quality and gorgeous, rich design. Continue reading

So you want to be a fairy princess? Part 6 of I♥EC Week

In the fairy world, little girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice. For us carbon-based creatures and even for us pixel pixies, we need a little help being a fairy princess and Evangeline Miles of Evie’s Closet is ready with lots of gowns fit for a fairy…including this lovely confection called Apricot Sorbet.

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I Want to be a Hero! Part V of I ♥ EC Week.

Do you want to feel like a heroine in an historical romance? What are your options? You could go to acting school and get cast is a B-movie. You could track down Fabio and pose for a book cover for the newest bodice-ripper. Or you could click on the folder from Evie’s Closet with the Chimera gown in it.  Much cheaper than acting lessons or plane tickets to Italy or wherever.  Now, if there was ever a bodice made for ripping, look at the sweet sweet romance of the bodice on the Chimera dress.  Riiiiiiiiiip.

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