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Sorting my inventory, I came across the lovely yellow floral print dress from &Bean. It’s called Skinny Love and if skinny means short, it’s well named. I was in the mood for a longer option and remembered the lovely tulip skirt from mocca and switched it out and headed off to Lollygaggers Shopping Experience to shoot a few pics – not that the run down and decrepit look of the shopping lane matched the outfit, but for the opposite reason – that it is so grim in contrast to the light cheerfulness of the outfit.

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Please pass the Dijon

Some words sound delicious and lovely. Words like silk, charmeuse, aubergine, melon and dijon. Lovely words for lovely things. Then there are the harsh words like cactus, hammer, crankcase and mustard. Still mustard can be lovely and not just on a hot dog. For example, this gorgeous sheer overblouse and tank from Persona are mustard and they are a glorious color. I paired them with the brown with yellow tulips skirt and belt from mocca and was as happy as someone with a hot dog with all the fixings. Now if she only called the color Dijon! ^-^ There are more photos on flickr, if you care to see different angles. Continue reading