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Another Glance

There’s a new shopping sim in town. Now I know that happens all the time, but this one has a great build and a fabulous combination of familiar and popular brands with new and unknown to me fresh discoveries. Of course, I am not so conceited as to think that everything new to me at the new Glance Style sim is new to everyone – but nonetheless, I love the combination of new and established – of discovery and reliability.  The sim opens today at 1 PM and there are some opening day gifts such as the hair I am wearing – so do try to get there.

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Sorting my inventory, I came across the lovely yellow floral print dress from &Bean. It’s called Skinny Love and if skinny means short, it’s well named. I was in the mood for a longer option and remembered the lovely tulip skirt from mocca and switched it out and headed off to Lollygaggers Shopping Experience to shoot a few pics – not that the run down and decrepit look of the shopping lane matched the outfit, but for the opposite reason – that it is so grim in contrast to the light cheerfulness of the outfit.

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