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Keeping Warm

posted by Gidge Uriza

Keeping warm during these final days of winter is proving to be a joy as I work together pretties from various places.  This entire outfit started out with Digit Darkes VIPER Capris. Do you think Digit killed and skinned this viper herself? Continue reading

This One Is For Emma

posted by Gidge Uriza


The first time I put on the Efe skin, my first thought was that “MAN, This sort of looks like my friend Emma!” Emma is a real life friend, and is as pretty or not prettier than the combo of my shape + Efe’s skin. Which is a fairly good compliment to a human person, as Efe is amazingly pretty.

I have been looking for something subtle but pretty to wear when I showed off my first acquisition from a too cool earring shop EAR CANDY, and this group gift sweater from PINK COUTURE totally fit the bill. Continue reading

Would You Like To Come To The Pants Party?

posted by Gidge Uriza

Okay, there isn’t a party in my pants. I just wanted to use that line.

I picked up an outfit to wear snowboarding, and kept wanting Cajsa to shoot it, but this was the third or 4th outfit I pulled out that I had saved and this STILL Wasn’t it.

Sigh. But It’s cute, isn’t it? Again from RAY SKIN, again a dollarbie I think this one may have been in the back of the store beyond the courtyard. It was actually NEAR the snowboards – thus my confusion. Continue reading

Don't Ask Me Where to Find It.

So Gidge is participating in the Greatest Love hunt – hiding a box at her store Don’t Ask with special freebies for the hunt from some of the designers she features in her store. Among the offerings are skins and lingerie such as I am wearing here.

Continue reading

Candy and Cigarettes

posted by Gidge Uriza

It all started with a blogpost on Freestyle about a free snowboard! I was bored, had no one to hang out with and though, Hey – I’ll go get that snowboard. That’d be a hoot.

Except I couldn’t FIND it. I round RAY SKIN just fine, and I found a lot of cute freebie clothes (worn) but no snow board. Now, as will happen when there is a post from Freestyle, it was kind a crackalackin busy with freebie hunters and folks checking out a store new to them. So it was lagarrific and hard to get around. There probably WAS a snowboard and I couldn’t FIND It. Continue reading

Stomping Around Dystopia

posted by Gidge Uriza

When stumbling through piles of human carcasses of a Dystopia it’s important to wear good shoes.  And a shirt that displays a lot of attitude. Luckily I had both. 🙂

After I got done watching human souls be devoured and repeatedly smashed between rocks between demon beasts, I decided to head home to hang out.  Continue reading

Dress Me Up Challenge – Gidge in Harajuku by Candy Lemmon

posted by Gidge Uriza

I look at a lot of Harajuku in RL, the style fascinates me. So when I was challeged to do a Harajuku piece by Candy Lemmon, I immediately knew I wanted a big fluffy coat thing – I’ve been seeing them in mags slapped over the mismatched plaids and heavy handed cloth worn by the youth culture that defines Harajuku.

A big old silly fur coat. If I could find one in fun colors that’d be even better, but when I ran into this WHITE one, which was exactly what I wanted, a floofy white fur coat from Ookami Ningen I KNEW KNEW KNEW what I wanted to do.

I wanted to go Ice Skating. Continue reading