More Silly Than Naive!

posted by Gidge Uriza

I love skins that have LIPS I CAN SEE (like this one) and eyeshadow that interests me. I’m not always so into the artsy eyes, but once in a while one will catch my eye. What I like most of all, though, is make up that is interesting enough to catch your eye without being garish.


I am afraid that the Fashion Mafia may revoke my card if I admit this aloud – but this is indeed my FIRST skin from Adam n Eve. Sachi Vixen passed it to me at a party a Zaara’s new sim a week or so ago, when Prad Prathivi was spinning the tunes and merriment was in the air. I commented on it – it has REALLY nice muscle tone (note to self blog this skin in a bikini) and I was telling her how NICE The legs were…….when I crashed. Next time I logged in – she had dropped it on me. WHAT a sweetie!

I think it’s a pretty face. The bod is fairly rockin too – so I’ll have to show you at a future date.  (Considers bikini collection……..)

I chose to decorate this skin with stuff from all over, Axel, Naive, Laqroki, Digit Darkes, Ricx….but since you’ve been good enough to read this far…I thought I’d tell you how silly I am. (ok just one example).

The other night I was shopping at Laqroki and my lindens hadn’t loaded. So I IMd this person and that person trying to get someone to give me one linden so they would load (yes this works). Codie  answered me after a while,but I’d already gotten someone else to do it. But we start chatting in IM while I shop and then we’re being kinda silly and she’s passing me gestures which I’m playing with (YES IN LAQROKI) and I forget about it.

Note, I almost never have my sound on. Almost never. So I forgot I had one still active. And then I go about my business. FOR LIKE THREE WEEKS. Not knowing I HAVE A GESTURE ACTIVE and turning on every time I utter the magic phrase. (I forget it). I’m sure shoppers across the grid have been enjoying it and thinking I’m a gesturtard for weeks…….

Cajsa managed to capture it though, and it scared the SHIT out of me – I thought CAJSA had played some prank on me……

Turns out I pranked myself, eh?

Fashion Details:

***Promotional Copies Noted with a Bold R***

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape
  • Skin – Adam n Eve Bliss (totally not counting the skin that was a present -not handed to me with a “hey please review this”-I’m not even sure Sachi knows I blog)
  • Hair – Laqroki June – Sunkissed R
  • Eyes – FNKY
  • Tshirt – Axel – Townsend Tee
  • Sweater – Naive – V Sweater in Green R
  • Pants – Frangipani Designs – Belted Wool Trousers in Navy
  • Shoes – Digit Darkes – Jen Heel in Leopard

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