Bandana Day:Sister Moon

posted by Gidge Uriza

Sister Moon, Will Be My Guide

In Your Blue Blue Shadows, I would Hide

All Good People are asleep Tonight

I’m all by myself in your silver light

I would gaze at your face, the whole night through.

I’d go out of my mind but for you.

All my love to everyone I’ve loved who wore the bandana, and all those who wear it now. Our hearts are with you, now, as always.

Style Notes

  • Shape Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Skin – PXL Creations Grace Fair in SrpingWine
  • Bandana – Damselfly – soft pink
  • Top – Cupcakes – Top from the Something Floral Dress
  • Pants – Axel – Deev pants in purple
  • Shoes- Stiletto moody – Mary Jane Pop Sandals
  • Bracelets – AC GIRL
  • Ring – EXODI – Rrishanna
  • Earrings – Primagine – Sandy Pastel Flowers
  • Moon – Faery Sola/Studio Sidhe

0 thoughts on “Bandana Day:Sister Moon

  1. Isle Lunasea

    I love those earrings with the bandana (and the bandana is wonderful, love the flower aspect on both of you) and the top is just lovely.

    That last moon pose makes me need that moon. I think I will look up Studio Sidhe inworld.

    And yes, thanks for the reminder about what bandanas are for. Well said.

  2. Raven Haalan

    Umm, terrific stuff… that tune is so worthy of interpretation. I always get a very unique emtion from it. Sting rocks.

    … and you know I gotta ask. How the heck did you get the moon into those shots so perfectly?


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