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Three Moody Monday Pretties For Your Viewing Pleasure

“Only great minds can afford a simple style.” ~ Stendhal

It’s Moody Monday and the merchants have lined up so many pretties I couldn’t decide which to blog. Maybe if I get energetic I’ll do more later. But so far, for your viewing pleasure I’ve got a cute owl necklace from ADDICTION and makeups! YAY! Continue reading

It's Too Big


Gidge has had been having me help around the store, hauling stuff over from the old one, dusting, doing some touch up on the walls where movers scraped the paint and helping with the unpacking. It’s a messy job with lots of running in and out of the building over to where her merchandise was piled up in the snow. It made sense to dress for the occasion in this warm and snuggly fleece from Aitui. I tossed on some old jeans from Zaara that I know are a few years old and all, but hey, when you are bending down and hauling crap around, you need comfortable jeans with some give, the kind of give that only comes from wearing them for a few years, right?


But then she traipses off to ride a pink turtle or pig or elephant or some such thing leaving me to manhandle the last few items into place. Seriously, did she think I could move that globe by myself? It’s Too Big!!! So, I got on the phone, so to speak, and called up Hybie who, good friend that she is, came over to lend a hand no questions ask. She helped wrestle that globe from the crate into the store and didn’t even complain about how cold she must have been feeling in those sandals. She was wearing the new dress from Maitreya. It was the first I had seen it in-world. It so lives up to expectations. As you can see, my feet were far more cozy in these wonderfully warm and dry boots from FIR & MNA.
Continue reading

Do I Make You Horny, Baby?

I only have two speeds when it comes to horns. Total disinterest or SQUEEEEE ! Yeah I know, it’s the usual blogger malady of being too enthusiastic about something. But perhaps you’d feel differently if I explained why these horns HAVE THE AWESOME so hard? Continue reading

Moody Mondays? Well, A Bit…

Today is Moody Monday and there is lots out for sale from some of your favorite stores. I’m wearing the beautiful skirset from Vanitas Vesture and lets just say it, Sarah The Red can make some skirts. They are always a must have. Continue reading

This Is Why I Quit Buying My Kittycats Vitamins

Feeding a cat this big borders on the ridiculous. I knew I shouldn’t buy those vitamins at the Kittycats store but I was trying to get that PERFECT KITTEN like everyone else. Instead I got kittyzilla. Continue reading