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Meet Lust

Hello, people!

It’s four days i’m wearing this skin from .::Felony::., i like it so much i don’t want to take it off anymore:


Meet Lust. It’s stunning. It’s luscious. It’s silky. Really. Such an exotic and beautiful face and so different from most of the skins i’ve been seeing around lately. I’m wearing it in the light tone which is also different from “normal” light skin tones: it makes me think of a burning rose.
Look at the mole above the lip, it adds the definitive sensual touch to the whole skin…..Oh my, i love Lust, Feline Dagger did such a great job!
This limited edition skin comes in 4 tones and will be available at the Festival of Sin which will run from February 18th till March 3rd, so you better get ready, folks!

Now let me show you these amazing heels:

Spring in Bloom

The Spring in Bloom heels from Purrfect 10 are some of the most beautiful heels i have ever seen and you can find them and their “Wild Rose” version – in cream and crimson – at the Back to Black event.

Two more pictures and credits after the cut!

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This jumpsuit makes my butt look sooooo cute!


Skin, jumpsuit and hair i’m wearing in the following pictures are some of my fav items ever and I must admit I have been wearing them quite a lot lately. I just love each of them and I think they go really great with each other.
You already know the Miamai jumpsuit ‘cause Cajsa blogged it and, yeah, it’s another beautiful gem created by the super talented monica Outlander:


What is she thinking?

Simply amazing.

And yes, it makes your butt look uber cute! Wanna see????

After the cut! 😀
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Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint you can on it.”
(Danny Kaye)

I was pondering this quote while exploring a new to me sim, full of amazing spots, so I thought “I’ll take a picture!” and that’s what I did. I liked the shot so much that I decided to add some “canvas action” to it, whatever that means…LOL


Then I thought (yeah…lots of pondering and thinking lately….someone stop me, please!) that my look of the day was so cute it would have been too selfish of me not to share the cuteness (…..) , soooo here I am, showing you what I’m wearing.

Here i am!

The awesome boho dress is from vive9, I absolutely dig that vintage style, it’s what I would wear in RL too.
The lace part is so delicate and romantic, but what really makes the difference is the belt which adds that particular touch of fashionista glamour.

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Jewelry Fair 2011 – Bliensen + MaiTai / Just A Pose

Four beautiful themed sims – water, fire, earth, air – full of amazing creations from some of the best SL jewelry (and jewelry related items and poses) designers: that is what you’ve got to expect from the Jewelry Fair 2011, which officially opened its gates on September 16.
Also: free classes, gatcha machines, charity auctions, gifts. Part of proceeds from the Fair will go to Oxfam International, an international confederation of 15 organizations working together in 98 countries and with partners and allies around the world to find lasting solutions to poverty and injustice.
My compliments to Cara Ametza, the Fair’s organizer, who did a great job!

I’d like to show you some of the fabulous creations from Bliensen + MaiTai which are available at the Fair. From deco to vintage to ethnic style, B+M jewels and accessories always enchant me:

“Cardinale” – necklace and earrings

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Surfing the Map


How do you explore Second Life®? Do you use the Destination Guide? Perhaps you follow some of the travel blogs such as Hybrid Ansar’s Avatars in Motion or Ysé SLiffeuse et Gloodeuse, a French blog that is mostly pictures so anyone can enjoy it and find places to go. Maybe you go to Flickr and follow groups such as the SL Tourist Board. I do all of the above, but then sometimes I just open up the map, click on a spot and go there. Sometimes that is embarrassing, but sometimes it’s serendipity. That’s how I found this lovely harbor at Permutate.

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The Disco Deals Are SOOO WIZARD This Month

You can get nearly every thing I am wearing right now at DISCO DEALS for ridiculous cheap, including this AWESOMESAUCE skin from TULI.
Yeah I said TULI.
99L and zomg. Drool.
I’m so literate today.

If you are a fancy girl like me, one of the unsung joys of Disco Deals this month, in addition to all the great deals on awesome stuffs, is that Ibizarre (maker of the gorgeous little black dress above WHICH YOU NEED) has out a palette of free nail polish.

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When I saw this lovely argyle print dress from Chantkare, I immediately thought of the argyle-lined jacket from Royal Blue. They really work perfectly together. You can find them both at Call For Couture which is raising funds for The Samaritans.


I shot the pictures at Lunamaruna – a little city that makes me think of Dr. Seuss. It’s great fun and worth a visit.
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Party All Night Long!


Well, until Midnight anyway! Last night I had my 3rd Rez Day Party and we danced for hours and despite Gidge’s best efforts I did not wake up with a dozen strap-ons – though we did have a bumper car attraction for the party last night. It was incredibly fun!! I wore this bright and lively skelton dress from House of Fox. All those vibrant psychedelic colors just screamed party -especially on my dance floor which is aglow with all sorts of color itself. The pose, by the way, is from a recent set from Glamourama Boa’s Just A Pose highlighting plurkers! This is December! Incidentally, Plurk won 2 Stylies for its impact on the community and best third party site.


This one is not from that set but from a set of fetish poses by Just A Pose, but I had to include it because I love it! Besides, it shows off the dance floor. If you come to a party at Lost in the Stars – you will discover that the dance floor gives everyone a bit of a rosy romantic glow. By the way, Sasy took pictures.

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