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Form & Function


There are some things in SL that just strike my fancy.  The dress form is one of them. I love dress forms.  I love that creators are whimsical enough to create dress forms.  This month has seen an abundance of them.  Allegory Malaprop of Schadenfreude and Julliette Westerburg of Tres Blah both released dress forms as part of their Arcade Gacha items. Sienia Trevellion of Lark also released a lovely dress form and I pulled an older version that I’m particularly fond of out of my inventory, one by Theosophy’s Trace Osterham.

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A walk in the woods


Hi there, I’m Mouse Mimistrobell, and I guess this would be my first post on It’s Only Fashion!  I like clothes, I like fashion and so, Cajsa and Gidge were lovely enough to invite me to post on their blog quite a while ago.  So even though I am embarrassed to take so long, I finally got down to it.  I was inspired by a couple of things, and being a slow burn, it takes me a while to have all the pieces come together. I picked up this sweater at the dressing room, and held on to it for a bit.  Something about the yellow and animal print appealed to me, though I hate the alpha. Of course I hate all alphas, so it’s not a deal breaker.  A couple of days later, I saw a pair of jeans on sale and they were peach!  Well they also seemed to work anyways, so I kept going with it. Then I pulled out a Tres Blah skin that looked ‘just a tad’ tarty, and wow the whole thing just worked, and there you go.  I took these pictures in a gorgeous sim that was the first one I came across in the SL Destination Guide today. Yeah, I’m creative like that! I called it a walk in the woods after a favorite old children’s book of mine, and I imagine it’s a late spring evening, chilly enough for a scarf. I hope you like!

mouse_yellow2 mouse_yellow5

What I’m wearing:

HOC Industries – Maryjanes Shoe
fri. – Basic.Cami (White) –
[[Mozz]] Lashes – 03
cheLLe – (eyeliner) Adele Coal
“”D!va”” Hair “Sayaka3” (Type B)(Onyx)
(Caroline’s Jewelry) Carlotta Square Ring in Variety Yellow
/artilleri/ Taylor scarf STRIPES (chest) *peach/yellow*
Crayo Jeans “peach” L – even.flow
La Sylphide – Natural Prim Lashes (not available)
{SMS} Simple Cardigan Rose Leo M
-tb- Gatcha Skin: Rare – Dark Brows
Shine Monet Pewter – eyes

Waiting For The Bus

I rarely to never do a Look Of The Day type post simply because 90% of my SL is log in, shoot, log out. So I never actually bother to dress FOR me anymore.
But I’m trying to change that and actually see other cartoon humans, and in keeping with that I went about shopping with a couple of my best friends the other night.
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Short Dress Is Short – And Pretty

“A Man Can Be Happy With Any Woman As Long As He Does Not Love Her.”

-Oscar Wilde

After a morning of frustration and trying to make the grid my servant I gave up and hoped that I could at least shoot a cute dress or something.

Turns out, MAGOA had sent me a few cute dresses or something.

The WILD AT HEART dress is perfect for winter with it’s muted tones and refreshing fun texture. Continue reading

Cajsa Copycat

It only takes a few cotton candy cosmos and a bottle of cheap fruity wine to make me decide to blog exactly the same dress as Cajsa just blogged.

Because I’m funny like that.

I had the sense to pick out a different color of Baiastice’s NORA dress which is a limited edition piece of the CHIC event, whose theme is Sweet and Sour. I can’t decide which this retro inspired cocktail dress is. I’m always sweet, so that must be it. It’s sweet. Or it could be sour as I could imagine desperate cougars wearing this about trying to look young and beautiful like me. Continue reading

New Hair for My Sn@tch

It’s still freezing cold so I needed a warm sweater and scarf from Sn@tch to keep me toasty while I brought out some new hair releases for your viewing pleasure.

New from Truth are Tilda and Yolanda. YAY for a BANG option ! Bangs rock my socks Truth!

Kavar has also released new hair-do’s and I love his new long styles.

The short style is boy hair, but I CAN WEAR BOY HAIR I CAN I CAN I CAN.

Now, go, buy hair. You need new hair.

Style Notes:

  • Skin – Tuli – Emma – Sunkisses – 04 Flair
  • Hairs – Noted Above Truth and Exile
  • Clothes – Sn@tch – ALL
  • Boots – Sn@tch
  • Nails – Ibizarre
  • Lashes – Mozz
  • Eyes – Cupcakes

Custom Skins With MOZZ Mix!

I was eyelash shopping the other day, when Gogolita sent me to MOZZ to check out theirs. While I was there, I found that they offer this super cute way to build your own custom skin via tattoo layers.

I said, SELF, you should blog that, it’s a cute idea.

But, I’m all broke and shiz and made a note in my handy planner to come back. Then, yesterday, while searching in my never ending closet for my new eyelashes for a blog post BLAM….I realized…..

that sweet lady from MOZZ had sent me her everything basically back in November. But Cajsa was sick and my mind was elsewhere so….this is an I’M SORRY I FORGOT TO AT YOUR STUFF POST. But also, it’s a sweet coincidence because I totally going back soon!

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The Disco Deals Are SOOO WIZARD This Month

You can get nearly every thing I am wearing right now at DISCO DEALS for ridiculous cheap, including this AWESOMESAUCE skin from TULI.
Yeah I said TULI.
99L and zomg. Drool.
I’m so literate today.

If you are a fancy girl like me, one of the unsung joys of Disco Deals this month, in addition to all the great deals on awesome stuffs, is that Ibizarre (maker of the gorgeous little black dress above WHICH YOU NEED) has out a palette of free nail polish.

Which you also need. Continue reading