The Disco Deals Are SOOO WIZARD This Month

You can get nearly every thing I am wearing right now at DISCO DEALS for ridiculous cheap, including this AWESOMESAUCE skin from TULI.
Yeah I said TULI.
99L and zomg. Drool.
I’m so literate today.

If you are a fancy girl like me, one of the unsung joys of Disco Deals this month, in addition to all the great deals on awesome stuffs, is that Ibizarre (maker of the gorgeous little black dress above WHICH YOU NEED) has out a palette of free nail polish.

Which you also need.

Vanita’s Vesture is offering the Wonderland skirts – and you get both colors. I was in a hurry plus I like to post topless, so I didn’t bother with a shirt. You guys don’t mind right?

This is the gorgeous Tuli Skin with the Dark Mouse Sabrina hair in blonde3. Mouse has recently redone some of her hair textures, and she remains one of my top fave blonde makers around.

I’m also showing off the Frances Statement ring from MIAO in this pic. What’s the statement? The statement is OMG I LOVE BIG RINGS.

You need a new cocktail ring. You also need a new little black dress. Because need is relative.

Now, run off to Disco Deals and see all the goodness. I’m also using poses from JUST A POSE in the little black dress shots, which are there on sale.

I will make sweet love to CLIQUE who also has poses on sale, tomorrow.

Now, GO!

Style Notes:

  • Shape – Savoir Faire – Gidge
  • Skin -TULI – Zoe for Disco Deals
  • Hair – Dark Mouse – Sabrina – Blonde 4
  • Lashes – MOZZ – fave new lashes
  • Dress on top – Ibizarre – Miranda Cocktail Dress
  • Skirts on Bottom – Vanitas Vesture – Wonderland Alchemist Skirts
  • Shoes – A-Bomb – Zoe
  • Nails – Ibizarre freebie at Disco Deals
  • Ring – MIAO – Frances Statement Ring
  • Poses – Top – JUST A POSE at Disco Deals, Bottom – Sweet Lovely Cute – not at Disco Deals
  • Earrings – Dark Mouse – Nouveau Flowers

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