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The Vintage Fair Cometh

If you have been trapped under something heavy and unable to get to your computer today, you might not be aware that the Vintage Fair is rolling live on othe grid at 4pm SLT on the 11th of November.

I’ve only made a preliminary pass through with my blogger press pass but so far I’m giddy with the fun vintage and retro inspired pieces I’ve seen. I thought I’d roll out the ball with two dresses, one from Rag Dollz and one from Kouse’s Sanctum. I do like a fun party dress.

What’s great about the Vintage Fair is that due to how ENORMOUS IT IS there is likely to be something awesome for everyone, whether your thing is conservative 40s style or hot rockabilly bad girl, you can find new pieces for your look to be certain.

I’m also wearing a skin from the Vintage Fair called Dharma from Essences, lipstick from Rozena and some cute eyes also from Rozena called Afternoon Tea. I’m not an eye collector but I know some of you are!

So then, Vintage Fair. Coming. November 11 at 4pm SLT. We got it? Good!

Your Shopping List for November 11 Is:
Dress: Black – Rag Dollz -Jennifer /Black and Red – Kouse’s Sanctum – Betty
Heels: Baiastice-Lotus Pumps
Lashes: ***Chaisuki*** lashes 52
Lashes: Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 6
Lipstick: ROZENA ~Glam Angel~ roly poly
Hair: >TRUTH< Orchid Plain – burgundy and chestnut
Shape: Gidge ~Savoir Faire Shapes~
Skin: {.essences.} Dharma skin for VF 2011Eyes: ROZENA ~Afternoon eye~ tea (gift for Vintage Fair)
Poses: STaTUS

Charity Never Looked So Good


The Second Life® community never stands still and it never stands by either. There’s always someone with the energy and courage to step up and do something when something needs to be done. So, now we have more than one charitable event going on at the same time. What to do? Why, shop of course. And why not put together an outfit highlighting items from both events just for fun. That’s what I have done here with items from Vanitas Vesture and Kouse’s Sanctum for Fashion For Life and from Peqe for the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser.


Now, while you are admiring the front view of this gorgeous jacket and texturing details in the skirt and top, I want to take a moment to remind you that the donations are from the creators. If you are getting clothing at the market value at a charitable event, you are not donating, you are shopping. I just think it’s useful to remind ourselves of that when we get ideas about how events should do this or that differently. The donation is coming from the participants who have the energy, talent and courage to put themselves out there on behalf of charities. The rest of us, including me, can support their donations by buying stuff, but we are getting our money’s worth.

Since CNN pulled one sentence out of the paragraph above, some people who did not read the post have gotten the impression that I think our participation in charity events does not count.  As you can see from what is bolded, that is not true. However,  the key ingredient to conflict is isolating an opinion from context to make it more polarizing, which is what happened, unintentionally as it probably is.  No fundraising event can happen without the synergy between the people who contribute items to sell and those who buy. Much of the shopping is motivated by the desire to support the effort and to raise funds and people often buy more than they planned.  I know I sure do.

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Epic Beauty

Some store freebies are just astonishing – and the ones from  Kouse’s Sanctum are at the top of that list. This dress, Calliope, named after the oldest and wisest of the muses, blends perfect feminine shaping in the bodice and skirt with the assertiveness of the mythical Calliope in the bold cerise fabric. This is a group gift for Kouse’s sanctum – so beautiful and elegant that it displaced my planned outfit for the day, jumping into line ahead of her turn, just like Calliope would.

This Calliope is versatile as well, the skirt comes in three versions from this slim skirt in the photo to a grand ballroom circle skirt. The sleeves have two lengths in the flowing draperies. The shorter chiffon draping is pictured, but the set includes fuller longer chiffon draping. With such an elegant dress, the simple but lovely Darling hair from Laqroki, though as usual, I have tinted it myself to get it closer to the shade I want.

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