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The Ribber

Just a quick LOTD post. I finally made my way over to C88 and really loved almost EVERYTHING this round. Like this adorable loose cardigan and top from AUX that comes with a texture changing hud to change the undershirt texture. This is great for me because I’m lazy so I have a different outfit for like 8 days. haha

Hybie is Wearing:

Top: AUX – Loose Cardi – black (C88)
Jeans: JANE – sweet and low – blk
Hair: lamb – White Chalk – Greyscale pack (C88)
SKin: KOOQLA – Bisquit – nude 02
Lips: KOOQLA – bisquit – lips 02
Eyes: IBANEZ – Rivendell Lagoon and Elemental


Just a simple LOTD selfie. It’s a casual day.


Hybie Is Wearing:

Hair: Truth – Kerri – BlackandWhite06
Skin: Essences – Taurus 03
Top: Cracked Mirror – Layered Tank (blk/wht)
Necklace: Izzie’s – 50s pearl necklace blk
Eyes: IKON – Ascension – Sand
Jeans: Jane – sweet n low – pitch
Pose: Adorkable Pencil II 8

My 10 SL Firsts Meme

I decided to do Strawberry Singh’s new meme.

First Things_0011

  1. First SL Friend: My first SL friend was technically Stardust Perl. We came into SL together from there.com. I loved that virtual world. It was so different than SL in so many ways. It was a real sense of community. It would have been unheard of for ppl to just stay in their homes and not go out. I miss it dearly.
  2. First SL Kiss: I don’t remember the avatars name but it was at some free sex place, he looked like Harry Potter. It was the funniest shit ever.  I was two days old I think.
  3. First SLex time/place/partner: See question 2.  Continue reading

LOTD – 9 10 12

Today’s look is all about the shoes…..
I saw some shoes in an add for… gosh.. I can’t even remember what … but mm mm mm, they were some sexy shoes and from a new to me store, Diktator. I rushed over there and these shoes just called my name, the Dare Horeshoe Sandals. The detail on these shoes is AMAZING.

LOTD 9 10 12

You can complete the look…..

Top: Jane – Flocked and Floral, Coffee
Pants: Larry Jeans – Low Rise Lace Capri Jeans B 303, Dark Brown
Glasses: Miel – Genius Peepers
Earrings: Zaara – Sarayi hoops, wood
Choker: La Forgia – Maya Earth set, Tigereye
Skin: PXL – Faith, natural
Eyes: Mayfly – Liquid Light Mesh Eyes, Soft Majorelle
Lashes: LeLutka, Natural
Hair: CaTwA – Jumana V2, Blondy
Poses: BENT
Studio: photoLife

Casual Thursdays

Hello there! Today is a casual SL day, I did a little shopping and decorated my new loft. I’ve never had a home in SL. I’ve had a sim and a store and a store on a sim and plenty of sky boxes but I’ve never made them homey. I always thought what’s the point, it’s not like I can REALLY bake a pie and I don’t pixel bump so why do I need a bed? Then I realized that this is SL and nothing has to make sense. So I’ve been decorating. I need a cute daybed, any ideas where I can get a shabby chic looking daybed? Anywho, this has nothing to do with my post today but I just thought I would share.

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Culture Shock MiaMai 2012

I was thrilled to be able to pair the mesh pants from MiaMai with the mesh tank from JANE. Finding pieces that work together, particularly from different stores, is often a chore. One of the great things about the top from Jane is that it offered a regular and wide hem. With the regular hem, the pants bled through in the back, but with the wide hem, the top stayed on the outside like it was supposed to.  This gave me all the pleasure in having mesh that moved and looked good from all angles.  The print pants from MiaMai are so rich and elegant – and your purchase supports the work of  Medecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders (MSF).
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Serendipitous Swan

Swansong Serendipity

This gorgeous jacket from Swansong is called Serendipity. Serendipity is one of my favorite words as well as a lovely concept. While I don’t believe in fate or karma or other supernatural interventions in our lives, I do believe in serendipity. Serendipity is making desirable discoveries by accident, finding fortunate or agreeable things while you’re not looking for them, the happy coincidences of life. It’s that charming coincidence of deciding to wear a bright, colorful jacket like this one from Swansong and teleporting to Collbora88 and finding the fabulously florescent colored shoes from R2 that are a perfect complement, without even intending to look for them.

Swansong Serendipity

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The Sun & Stars in a Bottle


Saigye Lotus didn’t just put the world in a bottle with the necklace I highlighted yesterday. She gathered the sun and stars and bottled up their fire as well. This is another necklace with the amazing detail anyone with a passing acquaintance with Balderdash jewelry has come to expect. I am wearing it with a lovely striped sweater from Baiastice.


It’s a bit chilly, though, and luckily Baiastice released a poncho just this week. I tossed it on over my sweater and I am as snug as a bug in a rug. Probably more snug, since bugs in rugs can still get stepped on or zapped by insecticides.

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Que le vaya bien.


Adios a Mexico, Distrito Federal, lo faltaremos mucho. It’s always said to hear that another sim is leaving. I know there is a cycle and new sims are born and old ones get sold, remade and revived sometimes, but I would love to get new sims and still keep old sims. I don’t know the reason D.F is closing or when its last day will be, but I am going to shoot a few sets there before it goes. Distrito Federal, or DF, is a sim based on Mexico City, but many of its charms come from navigating the underground and exploring the powergrid. There are many levels to the city and you should explore them before it’s gone.

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B O O K (with a mesh movie so you can see it in action)


I am in love with the art installation B O O K at Shinsekai. I think I have been back five times. I have to thank Olela for sending me the landmark, because it’s places like this that rekindle my excitement and enthusiasm for SL. I decided to try to capture my walkthrough and wear this mesh dress from Jane to highlight through movement what it is about mesh that gets fashionistas excited.

I am no machinamist and haven’t a clue what I am doing when making a video, so forgive the clunky transitions. The walkthrough took about 10 minutes and I edited to three and a half. I just hope that you can see how well mesh moves and get inspired to visit B O O K for yourself.
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