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meanwhile in Hybie's world

Cracked Mirror looks like they are dipping into the mesh mania and to them I give two very enthusiastic thumbs up! We first saw this cute dress for TOSL but you can purchase a variety of colors at the store now. It’s called “Pleated Dress” and I’m wearing it in grey. I can’t wait to see what else they come out with.

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Hair Fair Ponies and Braids

Ponies and Braids

Ponies, pigtails and braids, oh my! Hair Fair is rich in tails and braids and there are some really great choices. A few let you customize them with color-change huds or scripts to alter the color of the pony fastener or the streaks in your hair. There are full-size pictures in the Flickr slideshow here. I shot these styles in a gorgeous dress from Vanitas Vesture that has such a great skirt, I decided to make a little video to show you how it moves in the newly released Model XXX AO from Behavior Body.
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I'm Giving This Hair A Raspberry

Ok that’s a lie. I’m not.

It’s another totally cute Hair Fair Release from Raspberry Aristocrat.

More styles below! I’m showing off various blonde shades for you. They do a nice pastel toned blonde thats stubtle and pretty. You know how I hate bad blondes, so this one is a win to me. Continue reading