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Sometimes There’s Nothing For It But Beach Therapy

Sometimes real life gets too real and my avatar and I need fantasy STAT. My favorite aspect of having a Second Life playground is the ability to choose a climate, real or imaginary, and immerse myself in it. I suppose it’s a primal urge, the rush to the sea that so many of us get in SL. It’s not just a luxury, something calls us there, there is nothing as relaxing and calming to me as time at the sea.

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Totum quod splendet


It’s true, all that glitters is not gold. Sometimes it is bronze, silver or platinum. And sometimes it is a bit of all at once as in this gorgeous top from Fashionably Dead. The peplum top is available at Collabor88 where the theme this month seems to be proving that glitter comes in every color. I dressed it up with the bottom of the Kamille dress from Countdown. One of the advantages of combining mesh with system layers, as Countdown has, is the ability to mix and match which makes me happy.
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You Lookin’ At ME?


MIAO has released a  summer dress with a fun vintage inspired texture that is a must have for this summer. I was going to wear the pink and then I thought – BREAK OUT GO CRAZY WEAR A DIFFERENT COLOR! Continue reading

E is for E!, Echo and Essential

Culture Shock e! and Echo

Essential is the word for Médecins Sans Frontières MSF (Doctors Without Borders) who, because they are independent of any government agenda, go where they are needed without fear or favor. One of the places they go is Cameroon where they provide critical work fighting drug resistant HIV, Buruli ulcers and cholera. You can help support this work with an expedition to Culture Shock.

One of the complaints my friends from Africa have voiced is that too often, all we hear from Africa is war, famine and disease. We don’t hear about the vibrant culture and the joy of Africa. A Cameroonian poet Emmanuel Fru Doh wrote about this in his poem Telling Africa. I think it is important that while supporting this essential work of MSF, we remember that the people they serve are more than their diseases, that they have a rich cultural tradition and a long history. That link will take you to a collection of Cameroonian poetry – a small window into the wider panorama of life there.

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Hang in there!


My 7th and 8th grade science teacher had a poster on the wall in his classroom that said “Hang in there, Friday’s coming!” I always thought that was so unrepresentative his real character as he had a passion for teaching and was not marking time waiting for the weekend. I guess I am thinking of him because I am “hanging in there” in this picture taken at Empyreal Dreams.

These planets are at the top of the stardust ribbon leading up from the build. Empyreal Dreams is a fabulous build that honors great works in literature including in this parcel, Les Miserables a book that loomed large in my childhood and was the centerpiece of one of the great conflicts of my elementary education.

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Unedited – Gidge Does The Opposite of Cajsa

I decided to do the opposite of Cajsa when picking up the Unedited Photo Challenge and do LOTS of color vs very limited range.  I followed my usual habit of snorking off of Honour McMillan’s blog for a place to shoot onlocation.   It was perfection that the place I landed on  is called Happy Mood, as I have nothing but one of those. Continue reading



I love Lana, the new mesh dress from Baistice. It comes in 6 fabulous color combinations and has lovely details such as the ribbon strap on the top which I mention since my hair is covering it up. The denim fabric is a great, practical fabric for travel and running around shopping. I like the polka dot belt with the read buckle – and decided to highlight it by wearing red accessories. Sissy Pessoa of Baiastice has a keen eye for details and this dress is a great example of her skill.
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So I Got This Penis Fountain

But I decided to put it under the cut.

My beloved friends Kesseret, Cajsa and Codebastard Redgrave threw me an epic rezz day party last night at Rouge that went on till nigh 4am time. Truly it was way past three when I crawled into my bed. I would venture that nearly all of the people I love came and it was such an amazing surprise, I can’t say THANK YOU to you guys ENOUGH. It is making me smile even now – and I can’t remember the last time I laughed that hard in SL.

You guys are amazing friends.

So, what do you wear to a surprise Rezz day party? Well – I wore that pink dress above from Sascha’s Designs! I had those shoes from G Field in like two other colors and needed shoes for the dress so….I just bought them in pink! I love these shoes. They aren’t new but damn they are girly. Continue reading

Back to Black & Stories from Home

Events All Over

Have you noticed all the lingerie lately? Well, it’s totally Gogo’s fault. I don’t know how many times I will trot out the tatas but, I thought the design and colors in this little number from Miao were too good to pass up. Besides, it’s in the Love Gacha which is sort of like playing slots, but with guaranteed prizes. It comes in five different colors. At 30L a try, you can’t go wrong gambling on this one. Besides, if you get duplicate colors, you just have some Valentine’s Gifts to give your friends. You don’t have to say you were trying to get the teal one and got 10 pinks first (not that this happened to me).

Events All Over

I picked up these gorgeous boots from Lassitude and Ennui from another event that is coming up on Feb 11th, the Back to Black event. What is so striking about this event is that items contain notecards with personal history and information about mental health concerns to promote awareness\. Mental illness can be even more devastating than more easily understood physical illnesses in large part because people don’t understand it. This is an event to increase awareness of mental health issues which can promote empathy and compassion. I think compassion is needed more than anything.

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