Blooms Busting Out All Over the Place

I had to smile to see that Kels has also burst into Bloom. Since Surf Co. released the Bloom Doll avatars, they have been showing up in all the best places. I chose TooNip Bloom which is made for redheads.


The two real joys of the Bloom Dolls – aside from cuteness – are the pleasure of styling them and the challenge of making your prims work. It’s been fun seeing how unique each person’s Bloom Doll becomes when there are only 6 different avatars that are more alike than different. Yet they seem as individual as the people who dress them up.

***STYLE NOTES******

  • Poses: Di’s Opera
  • Skin: Toonip Bloom
  • Eyes: TooNip Bloom
  • Hair: !Lamb Lovage
  • Dress: The Secret Store Koi Bloom
  • Shoes: A-Bomb Lavea Studded
  • Jewelry: Spica – Blood Beads
  • Location: bellballs

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