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MWFW 2012 Recap


So RL has been kicking my butt these last couple of weeks. I think I’ve fallen asleep at my PC at least 5 times since my last post here lol. Throw in a little good old fashion SL drama and that makes for a rather distracted fortnight. So distracting in fact that I almost missed Menswear Fashion Week 2012. The event ended this past Saturday, but luckily, I was able to sneak in and pick up a few (ok, more than a few) things.
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It’s Time


In less than four hours, Fashion For Life will be closing until next year. The vendors will be picked up and the sims will be dismantled and it will all go away, these beautiful builds such as this one that are all part of a monumental annual effort to raise funds in the hope of finding cures for cancer. Cancer is such a tricky bastard; it needs more than one cure. But the cures are possible; they can be found and it will take our concerted effort to find them.

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While The Great SL Photo Hunt hurtles along, there happens to be another photo challenge that should be fun and interesting as well. Harlow Heslop has challenged folks to post raw, unedited shots. Since most of the time, all I do is crop photos, it was a relatively easy challenge. I had to refresh a few times to line shots up correctly within the frame I set the window, but other than that, it was mainly choosing a good windlight setting (Strawberry Singh’s Diamond) and policing my prims to make sure they looked good in the poses. Since I can upload directly from within SL into Flickr, it really was easy.

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I Want Candy

I know a guy who’s tough be sweet.
He’s so fine he can’t be beat.
He’s got everything I desire.
Sets the summer sun on fire….
I want Candy….

One of my favorite clothes designers, and most creative jewelers on the web is Squinternet Larnia of Donna Flora. She’s released the BACI set for Valentine’s fun and I want to eat it up. It reminds of sweet shops where candy making is still an artisan craft versus mass produced assembly line treats.

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IFW10 – All the Pretty Little Horses

Hybrid Ansar sent me the best gift in Second Life on Friday – a notecard full of places she likes for taking photos that I will be incorporating into my own notecard. When I put on the La Memoire dress from Aleida for International Fashion Week, I wanted shoot it someplace really different and found that at Drill Factory where high in the sky there is an inspired merry-go-round that is the Merry-Go-Round of  Dreams.

It’s an amazing site and I will definitely go back to explore the many hubs and stations of this galactic carnival at Drill Factory.

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IFW10: Going to the Chapel

Second Life has created a transnational community that illustrates on a daily basis that the people of the world have more that binds us together than divides us.  Some of  those ties are frivolous such as excitement over the World Cup and love of fashion and music. There are also more profound bindings as well – such as the certain fact that all of us have someone in our lives affected by cancer. No wonder, then, that Relay For Life is such a huge series of events over the course of the year.  This weekend, International Fashion Week features 20 designers – and all have a unique design on auction to raise funds for RFL. Of course, there are all sorts of other fabulous creations there such as this gown I am teasing you with.

Meanwhile, it’s Relay Weekend and as part of that the fabulous St. Illuninatious Cathedral is also on auction.  Now, some might find it sad that one of the strongest forces unifying people in Second Life is cancer, but that’s not quite accurate. The strongest force unifying people in Second Life is hope – the hope that working together they can defeat cancer.

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