Mano a Mano

Mano a mano

Roland Gustav, Hero of the battle of Cerronia. The flamboyant captain of the City Guard. Defender of the Freehold.

Tu’shan El’Aunayah. Warrior without equal. Leader of the Third Host of the People. Conqueror in the name of the Greater Destiny.

They meet on the final bridge before the city. The last battle to decide the fate of a people. One on One. Hand to Hand. Mano a Mano.


Though the fantasy genre isn’t my usual style, I thoroughly enjoyed stepping out and creating these two looks. The gallant Roland is wearing the Adom outfit for men by Raven Pennyfeather. With its detailed spiked bracers and shoulder guard, the Adom conjured up visions of a highly stylized warrior and would look equally fabulous in a futuristic setting. Tu’shan is centered around the new De La Soul skin by Lerochelle Destiny. This beautiful skin has an outworldly appearance with fine detailing around the eyes and face. I’m showing the Crys color here, but it is also available in 5 others. Both the Adom outfit for men and all the De La Soul skins are available at this year’s Fantasy Faire.


Fantasy Faire is an annual event that is part of the Relay for Life event sponsored by the American Cancer Society to raise money and awareness for cancer treatment and a cure. This year’s Fantasy Faire includes eight lavishly landscaped shopping sims created by some of the top designers in Second Life. While each sim has a unique feel to it, they are connected as one Fairelands, a Fantasy continent. Whether your style be steampunk or fae, mer or gothic you will find yourself at home on several, if not all, the sims and enjoy exploring them all. There is only one day left for this year’s Fantasy Faire. Head over right now!

Skin: Shawn SK by -Belleza-
Eyes: HD – 2010 blue sky Limon eyes 94 by EDDESIGN
Hair: Poor Little Rich Boy in Espresso by [Shag]
Outfit: Adom for men RFYRE
Boots: Blackguard II RFYRE
Weapon: Storm Forged Long Sword by Velde

Skin: Beaux Ikon in Chrys by De La Soul
Eyes: ‘Sunrise’ Eyes in Brown Dark by !FASHISM
Hair: Pulse in Midnight by ::Exile:
Kilt: Belted Kilt from Executioner For Men In Black by RFyre
Weapons: Dagger of Jorts Woods by Aliko Sao
Faun Bow by Angels & Demons

Poses by KMADD
Prop: Medieval Stone Bridge II by Trident

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