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While The Great SL Photo Hunt hurtles along, there happens to be another photo challenge that should be fun and interesting as well. Harlow Heslop has challenged folks to post raw, unedited shots. Since most of the time, all I do is crop photos, it was a relatively easy challenge. I had to refresh a few times to line shots up correctly within the frame I set the window, but other than that, it was mainly choosing a good windlight setting (Strawberry Singh’s Diamond) and policing my prims to make sure they looked good in the poses. Since I can upload directly from within SL into Flickr, it really was easy.

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Grasshopper, Grasshopper!


Today is the day many of the faithful of Minnesota celebrate by wearing purple in honor of St. Urho who famously saved the grape harvest of Finland by uttering the phrase “Heinäsirkka, heinäsirkka, mene täältä hiiteen” (roughly translated: “Grasshopper, grasshopper, go to Hell!”) My family has made the pilgrimage to Menagha to see the famous statue of Saint Urho.

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The Softer Side of MiaMai

CApe Poge

When most people think of MiaMai, they think of Monica Outlander’s high fashion avant garde creations that flirt with androgyny. Produced with grand spectacle and presented with artistry and poetic insight, they are her hallmark. However, a truer hallmark, I think, is her great flixibility and range in design. She is not content to issue endless iterations of the same shapes and ideas, and truly does go back to the drawing board for new inspiration. Take this ultra-feminine and soft-edged flowing dress that she recently released at Fashion For Life. It is the antithesis of the sharply defined, hard-edged androgynous designs and yet, there are distinct MiaMai details such as the lush peacock feather collar that make it a cohesive element in her body of work.

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I Went to the Garden

ACS Memorial Garden

Cancer touches us all. We all have friends and family who have confronted cancer and struggled to overcome. It is perhaps the reason that there is such universal support for Relay for Life and for Fashion For Life, the shopping fashion expo that raises scads of money for the American Cancer Society and their global programs for research and support in the struggle against cancer. It will be two years in July since I lost my oldest brother to cancer and I went to the ACS memorial garden to spend some time thinking about my brother and cousins who have died because while we are winning battles, the war on cancer is far from over.

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