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A storm is threatening


Oh, a storm is threatening
My very life today
If I don’t get some shelter
Oh yeah, I’m gonna fade away

“Gimme Shelter” sing the Rolling Stones and that is what the folks at Japan Fair were all about. Japan Fair was a fundraiser for ShelterBox. It closed last night, but here’s hoping it was a very successful event.
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Pop Cans



Every once in a while you see a designer release a collection that brings them to a new level of excellence and creativity. Shinichi Mathy of Shiki has released just such a breakthrough collection this spring. With textures he developed from the banal elements and detritus of urban life, he has performed an alchemical transformation in to creative gold. For example, the fabric in this dress is inspired by a container filled with empty soda cans, cans seen from the top and the sides as they lay in a pile waiting to be picked up for recycling.
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Confessions: Envy


Envy, one of the Seven Sins Gacha Skins from PXL Creations.

Noting once again the delicious coincidence of PXL Creations releasing the Seven Sins Gacha skins the same week that Buckcherry released the Seven Sins as part of their Confessions album, I was elated to see then newest release from Shiki featuring a dress called Envy. Seriously, does serendipity get any better than that?

I’ve been watching you all day and night
I bet you’d make someone a perfect wife
My infatuation burns inside
I envy you and want you in my life.

I see you moving towards me, I feel it deep inside,
My mind, I can’t control it, I wish I had your life.

She’s got everything,
I hate it cause I envy him
And he doesn’t care like I do.
She’s got everything,
I hate it cause I envy him
And he doesn’t care like I do.
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Art and Fashion


On Project Runway this week, Zac Posen explained the need for fashion to succeed commercially, adding that Fashion is not a Fine Art because it must be commercial. Then, I saw this dress from Shiki working in collaboration with the artist Vinn Wong and I have to ask, how is this not Fine Art?
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Two Looks Not One



Shiki is back with a gorgeous new gown that, whether Shinichi Mathy planned it or not, works perfectly as a long or short dress. Working with system layers and flexes, Mathy’s doing it old school, but with skill that never gets old. The Osbcurus dress can be worn short with this pouf of fabric in a short and sassy outfit.  Continue reading

Shiki Gets Meshy


I am so happy to see Shiki releasing in mesh with this lovely summer dress. The dress has been released in six different prints from this soft and delicate blue to bold tropical oranges, all with the distinctive Shiki love for florals. Not all clothing should be made of mesh, but for this silhouette, mesh is the ideal option.

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Green with Envy

Shiki Envy

Shinichi Mathy has released two new dresses for Shiki Designs this week.  I was drawn most to this beautiful, closely-fited sheath called Envy which comes in green, blue and yellow.  I can see Joan Holloway wearing this dress, can’t you?

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Four Years and Counting, Some Thank You's


It’s Only Fashion will be four years old tomorrow. It all began with this post with me wearing a dress I had worn for Gidge’s New Year’s Eve Party. I didn’t know what I was doing and had no idea how to get someone to actually read my blog. I posted a few times. They were perfectly lovely posts that nobody every read or saw because I had no idea how people got other people to look at their blogs. That is one of the reasons Gidge and I did the Marketing tutorials for Bloggers. There was the World of SL feed but new people were not being added, so I floundered. Then, in April, I heard about IHeartSL – the new feed that welcomed newcomers and inexperienced bloggers with open arms, giving them access and exposure. There are many other feeds and they each have their own particular personality, but IHeartSL will always be the one that opened the door for me. I am sure I am not the only blogger whose entree to the blogging world was facilitated by IHeartSL.  And of course, Gogo has been free with lots of good advice and help over the years as well.  Her generous help to new bloggers has made the community much larger and more open.  Continue reading

The Music Man

My next guest stylist on It’s Only Fashion is DJ Anubis Darkwatch who apparently owns every song ever meant to be streamed in SL. Event after event after event you’ll see his name popping up as a featured DJ. Dubstep? 80s Night? Disco? DISNEY Dubstep? Retro industrial metal as covered by the Pixies in a basement in Prague? No matter, Anubis is spinning and socializing. Continue reading



Back in my infancy when I graduated from high school and thought I knew everything, I gave the valedictory speech at graduation. My title was “You get from life what you put into it.” How smug that sounds to me today. The lessons of time and experience have taught me that life is much more random that that. The course of your life is not determined by hard work and will alone, but by hard work, will combined with health, luck (good or bad) and sheer randomness. You can control some factors, but not all of them and even with the best of control of your own efforts, you can’t control others. We all like to take credit for our successes and blame outside forces for failures. That’s human nature. There is, however, one way that we still have control and it’s in how we react. Are we positive or negative? Do we try for more kindness in our actions and less bitterness? Our attitude to the randomness of life plays a major role in how we get along and move along in the world, so I guess that old speech wasn’t so bad after all.

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