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The Music Man

My next guest stylist on It’s Only Fashion is DJ Anubis Darkwatch who apparently owns every song ever meant to be streamed in SL. Event after event after event you’ll see his name popping up as a featured DJ. Dubstep? 80s Night? Disco? DISNEY Dubstep? Retro industrial metal as covered by the Pixies in a basement in Prague? No matter, Anubis is spinning and socializing. Continue reading

Oooo I Want You, I Don't Know If I Need You

…but OOO I’d Die to Find out.

I’m the kinda person who endorses a deep commitment
Getting comfy getting perfect is what I live for
but a look and then a smell of perfume
it’s like I’m down on the floor
and I don’t know what I’m in for Continue reading

Paper Couture Is Srss Fashn:Special Guest Gabe Bookmite

posted by Gidge Uriza

It was kismet, fate, meant-to-be and fortune all rolled up into a nice little ball of coincidence.

I had noted a plurk announcing that Paper Couture had released their fall collection for sale just moments before I logged in that day, so thought “What the hell” and ported over. The place was crampacked with A-listers, some of whom were naked for some unknown reason (my TPV seems to leave people naked a long time for me, so OHAI I’ve seen a lot of you naked lately). I waded through the sea of matte grey individuals for a spot in the room and then began the slow process of camming about. Continue reading

Life Begins at 225 MPH

posted by Gidge Uriza

Anyone who has read this blog for any amount of time knows that I am FROM Indianapolis and that as far as I’m concerned the only reason the month of May exists is so that cars can scream around the Speedway for my pleasure.

I dug into my closet and came out with this excellent Seaside Sweetie set from 5th and Oxford to wear today to celebrate my favorite racing event. You gotta wear black and white, there are rules – especially if you are going to any sort of GOOD party. Plus, you may not know this, but the good people of Indianapolis cannot SEE the race, which starts in 31 minutes AS I type this.

Nope – they are blacked out. Can’t watch until about 6pm or so tonight. Isn’t that lame? Continue reading

The Sea of Grass

Every once in a while, I take a look at AM Radio’s profile picks and check out the installations. While The Quiet and The Far Away stay as permanent exhibits of his amazing skills in environment building, other temporary installations come and go. I stopped by Surface – a wide open prairie after the hay has been cut and baled and the field is in the process of being burned. The prairie installations he creates always give me a sense of home even though I was a stump-jumper, one of those who grew up in the beautiful Northwoods that border the Red River Valley.

There could be no greater emotional contrast than the close, nestling comfort of the forest and the chill, indifference of the prairie vastness. Every time we went to the doctor, the vet or to a larger grocery, we left our forest cocoon for the immensity of the plains. Perhaps because our house was right in the middle of the forest, not in town, that contrast always made me feel very much like a tiny insignificant organism in a near infinite ocean of wheat. Going to visit my sister, there is a small embankment that is the eastern shoreline of the prehistoric Lake Aggassiz that is the true sea of grass that makes up the Red River Valley. The enormity of that vast flatness will always take my breath away. I think if I had actually lived in the Valley I would have succumbed to prairie madness because I prefer the comforting close coziness of the forest, but many in my family live in the Valley and love its never-ending horizon.

Continue reading

One For JC and The Boys

posted by Gidge Uriza

I decided that there was no better casual Sunday look than a big honkin graphic of the lamb of God to wear with some capri’s.  Why I decided this is simple – I put on these cute capri’s from Artilleri and then searched TOP  in my inventory hunting up something new.


I actually couldn’t remember what these “JC” shirts were from Lelutka but I figured they might do with the capris. Imagine my giggle when the Lord showed up on them. Continue reading

Cape Cod Girls

The nautical them of Fleur’s most recent release of Sailor Pants, and striped tube top and v-neck that are perfect worn on top of each other put me in mind of one of those odd albums that was someone’s post Pirates of the Caribbean brainstorm. Called Rogue’s Gallery, it’s an album of contemporary artists singing pirate songs and sea shanties. One includes the unique and unforgettable Cape Cod Girls.

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