The Music Man

My next guest stylist on It’s Only Fashion is DJ Anubis Darkwatch who apparently owns every song ever meant to be streamed in SL. Event after event after event you’ll see his name popping up as a featured DJ. Dubstep? 80s Night? Disco? DISNEY Dubstep? Retro industrial metal as covered by the Pixies in a basement in Prague? No matter, Anubis is spinning and socializing.

At least, that’s what plurk says. I dunno. They say the devil mixes his truth with lies and some people think plurk is the devil so it’s hard for me to ever be sure of anything.

He’s kind of a good dresser too. šŸ™‚

You can check out all about Anubis at his WebsiteĀ and get some great mixes to listen to and check out his schedule. You can also follow him on plurk.

Thanks Anubis for being a guest stylist for us! We need more guys around this place!

DJ Anubis Style:
Shirt – Hermione
Pants: Aoharu
Shoes – Hoorenbeek – SlipOn
Ear Tunnels by LeeLoo
Prim Nails by [Love Soul]
Hair – UW – Rush, Color: Meteoric
Bracelet – Rozoregalia
Glasses – Role Optic – Arcadi

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