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My Prerogative


Queen Elizabeth I had it right some 450 years ago when she said “I would not open windows into men’s souls.” We all have opinions and we have a right to them — even if they are stupid, destructive and wrong. I think most of agree on that. Where we diverge is when our opinions move to actions that impinge on other people. That happens all the time in society. Much of politics is about building enough political power to be able to take our opinions and move them into actions that impinge on others whether it’s trying to prevent others from marrying whom they love or blocking companies from polluting our groundwater – it is about making our opinions trump those of others.

But there are places where moving from thought to action has no place. The particular circumstance I am thinking of is the effort people make to discourage others from giving to or supporting community efforts to help others in Second Life®.  We all may have opinions about the relative merits of one fundraiser over another and we certainly should make no effort to support anything we disagree with. We might think this person is not doing enough to help herself or that person’s need is frivolous or distrust the circumstances or even doubt there is a real need. That’s fine. Skepticism is a healthy quality to have.

However, there is no Selective Service Administration drafting designers and ordering them to produce for this tour. Shoppers are not herded into venues to spend money against their will. Moreover, if you are a shopper and buy a pair of shoes for 250L at a fundraiser, you get a pair of shoes that would cost 250L or more at the store since designers often discount for fundraisers.  You’re not donating, you’re shopping. You might spend a little more because you think it’s for a good cause, but you get a fair return for your money.You lose nothing. The only people who risk are the creators and if they have made the decision to contribute, that’s their prerogative.


There are a couple of fundraisers right now to help individuals with urgent family needs. The hair, dress, shoes, mani/pedi and necklace in today’s outfit come from one of those events, <3Ulaa.  <3Ulaa is raising funds to help Ulaa Coronet to take her son to meet his grandmother for the first and final time. His grandmother is dying of cancer. For me, this is a compelling need and one that I think is worthy of my time and my lindens – and that’s my prerogative. If you don’t agree, don’t shop there. You will miss out on all sorts of adorability, but that’s your prerogative  Continue reading

Not Five. Six. Six? Yes, Six!!!

Adore & Abhor Brithday

What comes in sixes?

All sorts of good things.  Even more than fives – there are six packs of beer, soda, and abs. There are six hot dog buns in a pack and strings on a guitar. Six is lucky – with six sides on a die. Six is so special it gets to be called a half dozen. There are six faces on a prim, which means six must be the most special number in Second Life, right?

And then, most importantly, six years that Adore & Abhor have graced the grid, providing us all with their own elements of design (wit, whimsy, imagination, creativity and talent). To celebrate, designers have created special celebratory items in honor of the festivities that open on March 16th at the Adore & Abhor store.

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The Sum Of Its Parts


Before mesh, folks often took the top from one dress and the skirt from another and made something new. In my view, one of the unfortunate down sides of mesh is the prevalence of one piece outfits that can not used for parts, so to speak. So, I was so pleased to see the Romantic Rendezvous outfit from Gizza came in parts that I could use to mix and match.

Gizza - Romantic Rendez-Vous Colors


As you can see from the vendor ad, it’s actually a bodysuit  with a ruffled peplum. Produced with a system top, mesh shorts and prim ruffles, it gives the user the change to play. This was particularly great because I was going to DJ some old classic jazz and wanted something more “me”.

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Color and Contrast


I love the new casual releases from Kunglers. The top and pants I am wear are both from their newest release which included three tops and one pair of pants, all in a range of colorful prints that are the Kunglers hallmark. The soft blue and green print in this top is so subtle and subdued that it made an easy and elegant pairing with the boldly patterned pants.

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Cultural Appreciation


Bilo is one of the most unique clothing brands in Second Life. In additional to the usual Western style designs, Bilo’s Mayaa Thistle also designs clothing drawn from Islamic fashion aesthetics such as this lovely caftan adorned with a wonderful fabric featuring an intricate pattern that developed from the focus on nonrepresentational figures in Islamic art. It is refreshing to see Islamic fashion represented with respect and accuracy in Second Life. When it is as lovely as this caftan,  it’s doubly rewarding.

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Lazy Days


I am so in love with Hybie’s photo, I hallways don’t want to post and move it from the top of the page. I am lazy today and wanted to wear something comfy and cozy. This fun, loose and comfy top from NYU seems perfect for the day curling up with Anti-Fragile, my current read while marrow bones simmer away, making a rich broth for some risotto. My cat is on my shoulder while I read and I am sure he must have an opinion on the state of the world.


I have an opinion on this top. I love its details that elevate it beyond the t-shirt that it first appears to be. Notice the high cut arm holes, the neat edging on the sleeves and the gorgeous button-down back and lovely sweeping curve of the hem. This is casual, but also chic.

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My Second Box December Preview – Sign up for The Lag Free Shopping Experience!

My Second Box Preview

My Second Box is now open for DECEMBER enrollment!! That’s right – it’s time to get ready for our November designers. For 300L you will receive 5 gift items that are for My Second Box group members only.

Our Designers this quarter are:

Donna Flora
Lassitude & Ennui
Adore & Abhor
Sascha’s Designs

Designers in BOLD – well, let’s face it – its’ not a secret – THEY ARE DECEMBER!!!! YAAAAAY

Five of these designers will release a special item for MSB Shoppers each month Oct – Nov – Dec around the 15th of each month.  You must rejoin the group each month as a shopper for a group fee of 300L.

My Second Box is a monthly subscription group with free gifts from carefully chosen designers from across the grid. Similar to the real life monthly sample boxes you get.

– Monthly Subscription fee: 300L every month.
– Subscription is open from 1st to 25th of each month
– Gifts are sent to subscribers on the 15th
– All subscribers are EJECTED FROM group on the 26th of month –
– Subscribers MUST re-subscribe and pay the $300L fee at the beginning of each month

DISCLAIMER: It is up to the subscriber (you) to obtain your gifts in a timely fashion. There will be a notice that the group will close within 24 hours just as a reminder.


Zodiac – Scorpio

Zodiac is open, with lots of goodies for everyone (not just the Scorpio folks)!

Zodiac - Scorpio
(click for larger image)

This is a really great round with a variety of styles.  I am in love with the two pairs of shoes I bought – the Ingenue pumps with their swirly Scorpio design, and the Decoy ankle boots are both amazing.  Pink Outfitters offers a cute strapless top with a peplum bottom, which I’ve “toughened” a little with leather pants and the Decoy boots.  Bilo has a great sweater dress, which I really like with heavy tights and the Ingenue pumps.  Last but not least, Alice Project has released the Steph hair in two versions – with retro bangs or without.

Catch a ride to Zodiac and check out the event for yourself!


(credits from left to right)

Hair: Alice Project “Steph II” *Zodiac – Scorpio
Skin: Pink Fuel “Kumi” (Peach)
Lipstick: Pink Fuel “Kumi” (Lip Tint – Nude)
Dress: Bilo “Hiba” (Amber) *Zodiac – Scorpio
Tights: GField “Basic Color Tights” (Navy)
Shoes: Ingenue “Scorpius” (Water) *Zodiac – Scorpio
Pose: Marukin (Flambe pack) *Collabor88 – October

Hair: Alice Project “Steph” *Zodiac – Scorpio
Skin: Pink Fuel “Kumi” (Peach)
Lipstick: Pink Fuel “Kumi” (Lip Glaze – Plush)
Top: Pink Outfitters “Jenny Strapless Blouse” (Red) *Zodiac – Scorpio
Pants: Tres Blah “Leather Leggings” (Black)
Shoes: Decoy “Reuxi Ankle Boots” (Red) *Zodiac – Scorpio
Necklace: Lassitude & Ennui “Scorpio Key Necklace” (Gold/Red) *Zodiac – Scorpio
Pose: Marukin (Flambe pack) *Collabor88 – October

You Should Do the Harvest Hunt


Anyone who knows me knows that I do not like hunting for things. Not in RL or SL. I have labeled folders in both lives, labeled drawers and a place for everything and everything in its place. Even my clothes are hung in the closet in ROYGBIV order so I NEVER HAVE TO HUNT for things. So, when I think something is worth hunting for, you can count on it being worthy. And believe me, the skirt from Bilo for the Harvest Hunt is worth hunting for.


It was so worthy it motivated me to get out of my box and go look for a setting as pretty as it is. I found Water Horse. I think it’s worthy.
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Farmer’s Market


I love to cook seasonal, locally grown foods and am lucky enough to have a weekly farmer’s market just three blocks from where I live as well as an organic supermarket and a organic food coop in the neighborhood. I stopped by this farmer’s market in Second Life but the selection was not nearly so extensive as in real life. There’s lots of melons, though, and nothing could be finer on a hot summer day than a fresh, cold melon. Many of you may not know that I also do a cooking blog, and there’s a fabulous watermelon salad recipe there if you want to pick up a melon here at the market on Scotland Creinch.

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