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Flirtatious Frills

Sissy Pessoa of Baiastice has made a delightful array of gorgeous pleated skirts. I love the length, longer than the usual SL mini but short enough to be flirty. In fact, everything about the skirt and the frilly blouses that she also made to mix and match with them is flirtatious…I guess she was putting in the Valentine’s Day spirit in mood and form rather than just in colors.

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Quick Look: Coco & Mimikri

I think COCO and Mimikri are natural matches when putting outfits together. Both store have bold, modern looks and constantly push the limits of SL fashion in developing and working with prims, sculpties and textures.  Mimikri is wilder in the texture department and COCO in the sculptie department, but there’s a certain balance when you pull their work together. Take the lovely COCO leather jacket and see how well it is Mimikri top and pants.

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Okay, I was wearing this and tp’ed into a dance club and got an instant IM that said, “Yummy.”  Since that comment was not followed up by “do you want to see my freenis?” I took it as a compliment and to be honest, this outfit is designed to elicit a yummy or two or it’s not working, right? It’s those corset pants from LeeZu. I have featured them before  – they are just so….YUMMY!!!

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