Too Sexy For My Shirt

I have all this lovely lingerie, so how do I show it off without prancing around in my knickers?  This is a partial answer.

Whether loves going to leave me or not, my shirt looks like it’s about to. You know, there were some wonderful finds at the Lingerie Expo, but some of the most exquisite were from ALB Dream Fashion who presented lovely sets with bold prints and patterns. In this photo I am wearing ShuShu though you can only see the bra – peeking through the hanging-on-by-a-thread sheer red blouse from X2 Clothing.

I added the ready-to-wear-with-anything tiered skirt from CeCe Cubic. Brown is my black. I know most people reach for black to wear with just about every color. It works, it “matches,” but I have a couple of thoughts about that instinctive choice. Black is sometimes too absolute, too much of a contrast. It makes the color it’s matched with with brighter, harder. Choosing a gray or a brown is a softer, gentler choice.

Black called me up and complained. He told me flat out that he is tired. I know, he gets a little bit of a break in the summer when folks don’t use him on every article of clothing from top to bottom, but he hardly ever gets any rest. Just when he thinks he might get a summer weekend, someone calls. Folk’s habit of calling up black first thing is hard to break and being the reliable guy that he is, he won’t say no, does his best and pulls through, doing the job for you.  But, for his sake, give him a rest

Now, the shoes. These are shoes that put the sexy back in sandals. With gorgeous real toes, emphatic heels and a rich, lipstick red, they are so hot you leave little flames behind you as you walk. <joke>  Isn’t SL wonderful that such a thing is possible so I have to insert the joke pointer in case someone tried to start their particle foot trail?  

For many more shots of this outfit, see Flickr



  • meilli2 shape by hatchy mills
  • IC-Eyes Soulful Hazel
  • blowpop Mllie3 honey Black mambo III
  • Love Magic Orange Mani/Pedi
  • Bishwear Toss Me Around Auburn
  • ALB Dream Fashion ShuShu lingerie
  • X2 Clothing Red Sheer Blouse Buttoned
  • CeCubc Effect Tiered Skirt
  • J’s Real Toe Angle Belt Sandals Red
  • SPICA Blood Beads Accessories

3 thoughts on “Too Sexy For My Shirt

  1. Emerald Wynn

    Hi Cajsa,

    I love this blog . . . and that CeCubic Effect skirt.

    If you bought it recently, could you please post the SLurl? The one I have is just an empty parcel now. And I can’t find them on Search anymore. 🙁

    If the stores are gone, are the clothes still around in a store space?

    Thanks — keep on being a fashion inspiration.

    XO, Emerald

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