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Welcome to Sanity Falls

Welcome to Sanity Falls

For fun, I went to check out the newest MadPea production – Sanity Falls, a multi-sim hunt for the ransom to rescue your kidnapped spouse. I only made it to the city limits, distracted by the memes of Second Life plurkerville. I am wearing a great mesh dress from Tukinowaguma. Why didn’t I know Tukinowaguma had mesh? At 150L per dress, that’s a great place to shop for quality mesh clothing – all in standard sizes.

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The Softer Side of MiaMai

CApe Poge

When most people think of MiaMai, they think of Monica Outlander’s high fashion avant garde creations that flirt with androgyny. Produced with grand spectacle and presented with artistry and poetic insight, they are her hallmark. However, a truer hallmark, I think, is her great flixibility and range in design. She is not content to issue endless iterations of the same shapes and ideas, and truly does go back to the drawing board for new inspiration. Take this ultra-feminine and soft-edged flowing dress that she recently released at Fashion For Life. It is the antithesis of the sharply defined, hard-edged androgynous designs and yet, there are distinct MiaMai details such as the lush peacock feather collar that make it a cohesive element in her body of work.

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Took me long enough

Sometimes  when I realize how many outfits I would like to shoot and then consider the time I have to shoot, I just shake my head. For example, this fabulously beautiful gown from  A La Folie has been lingering in my inventory since the RFL Fashion Expo where I purchased it. I finally got around to shooting it two weeks ago and finally posted it today. It’s not that the timing matters that much since it’s still on sale – but yes, it sure took me long enough.

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Sepia Dreams

Sometimes an outfit just is so infused with vintage romantic motifs that I can’t resist using the sepia Windlight settings and hitting the Sepia filter in PhotoShop just for an indulgence in sentiment. That’s what happened when I wore this lingerie from Casa del Shai that came complete with a feather fan. Seriously, it was the fan!

I wore the lingerie with the gorgeous new dress from Baiastice named Diva in Satin. It has such a 20’s Art Deco feeling with the gorgeous print that the Tamara lingerie from Casa del Shai just seemed in keeping with the look. The bodice of the bra shows just a bit at the cleavage and could, to some people, seem a bit inappropriate, but I like the added definition and diminsion.

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Ode on a Filigree Hat

The Sakura hat from Boudoir inspired a bit of poetic license.

O Chapeau shape!  Chic attitude! with strings
Of dogwood and  black threads like iron wrought,
With forest branches and metaphoric wings
Thou, hatly form, dost tease us out of thought
As doth eternity: thou filigree hat!
When pixel dust shall this fashion waste,
Thou shalt remain, in midst of other blogs
Than ours, a friend to fashion, to whom thou say’st,
“Beauty is truth, truth beauty,” – that is that
and all Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.

with profuse apologies to John Keats

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Glam Details

The success or failure of a jacket always hangs on the details. How does it fit? How does it fasten? Are there innovations in the sleeves, shoulders, collar or fastenings? Does the shape flatter your shape? How does it work with other clothing?  We all have different details that we prioritize over others. Some people really focus on the shoulders and what shape they create. Others look for embellishments and fasteners. With the new Keyn jacket from MiaMai, no matter what fashion detail you value most, Monica Outlander has made the effort to satisfy your appetite for innovation and design.  With loving attention lavished on the sleeves, collar, cuffs and textures, this is a jacket that you will treasure and find many opportunities to wear – just to show it off.

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Musashi Do Valentine Release of Brocade Princess – On Sale Feb 10

posted by Gidge Uriza

My friend Shiryu Musashi has re-released his stunning Brocade Princess gown in a special set of Valentine Colors – Purple and Pink – and they go on sale February 10 ! The original Brocade Princess was truly one of my favorite ball gowns ever, elegant and beautifullly created with a gorgeous texture.

The re-release I might even love more, as they are purple and pink and NEED I SAY MORE?

I can’t pick which color I like best, luckily I don’t have to.

This gown definitely makes my must-haves this year for the Valentine holiday. You can get yours once the bell tolls that Feb 10 has arrived at the Musashi Do mainstore.

I am wearing Baiastice’s new CASTING makeup in Peach, and Juicy’s LOLA shape.

The Lola shape has great tits 🙂

Style Notes:

**Bold R Indicates a Review Item***

  • Shape – Juicy – Lola
  • Hair- Mirone – Faye
  • Skin – Baiastice – Casting – Peach tone
  • Dresses – Musashi Do – Brocade Princess Valentine Edition
  • Jewelry – Eolandes Valentine Jewelry

Shape, Shape, Shape Your Bootie

I don’ t know if any of you have been watching Bravo’s Launch My Line, but I have. It’s been enjoyable, but Dan and Dean are no Tim Gunn and they don’t offer advice at all, just eye rolls and jaw drops. They fall between the genuine mentorship of Gunn and the rude bitchiness of Mizrahi in that miserable Fashion Show, but really, what’s wrong with being helpful and supportive? Now that I began with an off-topic tangent, let get back to the point. Recently Vanessa was dropped when she added some pockets to accentuate the hips. It was probably her most commercial dress of the competitioion, so the lesson she learned was if you listen to the judges and take their advice you get axed.  The judges said no woman ever wants to accentuate her hips. Well, that’s just wrong!!! And to prove it, look at how luscious this dress looks. You just have to do it right. Micah Kanto knows how to do it right.

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Simply Ballroom

posted by Gidge Uriza

I turned my husband from a robot into a hooman to show all the girls (and heck guys too) that there is a great option for dressing up your man this New Year’s Eve.  The PARTY IN VENEZIA tuxedo from Musashi Do just HAPPENS to have a vest which PERFECTLY coordinates with the BROCADE PRINCESS gown – also from Musashi Do.

This brings you a great cohesive style as a couple without that lame “Oh they wore matching outfits how cute” look. These are not matching outfits – rather they are formal wear made to coordinate and compliment each other. And it’s perfect for New Year’s Eve balls and events!

As a girl dressing a boy AV for only the second time (the first time was when I dressed us Winter) – I was a little bit worried about figuring it out cuz MAN this tux has options. My husband was finishing up some other things so I was left to my own devices for a while running back and forth between two computers trying to figure it all out.  And there is where I have to share something AWESOME. Continue reading