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I Could Not Reach the Door Bell


I hopped over the Mulholland Highway to see that gypsy with the gold-capped tooth yesterday. She moved there from 34th and Vine. It was Valentine’s Day and I had no valentine, so I thought I just needed a little of that Love Potion No. 9. However, as you can see, the doorbell was not made for me.

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My Morning Adventure

My morning started simple enough, I thought I’d blog a dress that I had hung on my dressing room wall months ago, as decoration. I’d kind of forgotten it was a dress. But upon looking at it, I wasn’t sure it’d fit. Maybe Gidge had gained weight… Continue reading

Collecting the Fall


“It is perhaps a more fortunate destiny to have a taste for collecting shells than to have been born a millionaire.”

~Robert Louis Stevenson

I am making up for lost time this autumn, in that I’m collecting everything I can get my hands on which is fall related and doing seasonal decorating as though there is no tomorrow. I’m not sure exactly who it is for but it’s making me happy so who cares.

I have added fall decorations indoors and out and I have to admit I’m pretty pleased with myself all in all.

This coat from Leri Miles designs caught my attention the moment I put it on, I’m ready for a reason to wear a dressy coat. I do like this one because it’s color change in all it’s parts and you can choose to tone down the brightness of the brooch. Continue reading

Let's Burn Down the Cornfield


Randy Newman’s “Let’s Burn Down the Cornfield” is one of my favorite songs thanks to its stunning emotional power. Truly great songs are covered a lot – and often produce great covers.  When I hear the original with Randy Newman and Ry Cooder, it’s all about lust and obsession. Alex Taylor’s version is menacing, dangerous and powerful. When I hear Etta James perform, it seems anthemic, a metaphor for revolution. Lou Rawls is pure rebellious jazz eroticism. Charles Musselwhite makes a scary spine-chilling blues number with guitar licks that seem to hunt you down. Then there’s The Walkabouts who didn’t understand the song at all and turned it into pop treacle.

Let’s burn down the cornfield
Let’s burn down the cornfield
And we can listen to it burn


The vibrant fires in the dress come from the inimitable Marni Grut of Royal Blue.

You hide behind the oak tree
You hide behind the oak tree
Stay out of danger ’til I return


I love how well the necklace from Paper Couture plays off the colors in the dress. The earrings from Mandala coordinate in both color and mood for a really hot look.

Oh, it’s so good
On a cold night
To have a fire
Burnin’ warm and bright


The shoes are also from Paper Couture and make the fires in the dress pop.

You hide behind the oak tree
You hide behind the oak tree
Stay out of danger ’till I return


The hair is from Lelutka, a new release called Brigitte. It can set fires on its own. Add the heat of Verve's Ina in sunblush and you have an inferno.

Let’s burn down the cornfield
Let’s burn down the cornfield
And I’ll make love to you while it’s burning


This cornfield is at Hollow Hill and you note I keep a bit of distance so my hot, hot dress doesn't make it spontaneously combust.

****STYLE NOTES******

  • Poses: Del May
  • Skin: Verve Ina Sunblush – Platinum Hunt
  • Eyes: Poetic Colors
  • Lashes: Lelutka
  • Hair: Lelutka Brigitte
  • Dress: Royal Blue Cirque du Soleil Warm – Platinum Hunt
  • Shoes: Paper Couture Suede Platform Pumps Wrapped
  • Jewelry: Mandala Senjyu Earrings, Paper Couture Dragon Fly Fabric Necklace
  • Location: Hollow Hill

Indulging Barbie

You know Barbie. That bitch has everything. I saw no reason why she shouldn’t indulge in these gorgeous boots from Royal Blue. As a matter of fact, she liked them so much, that she spent over an hour trying to decide which pair to wear.
Then, because she’s a blonde and scatter brained – she promptly forgot she had them.

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Saturday Slacker

I wanted to wear something casual and laid back today because it’s my first day home with my family after being gone for a while.
Thus – today is a quickie from me.
But I picked up the cutest watch at Miel at FLF and so I built my outfit around it!

I rezzed my old photostudio to shoot this and was laughing hysterically the whole time. It’s an old N30 – and omg, it was poofing stars. I haven’t used it in OH ABOUT FOUR YEARS so I coudln’t figure out how to turn it off. Every time I tried-  it shut down the whole studio.

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When I saw this lovely argyle print dress from Chantkare, I immediately thought of the argyle-lined jacket from Royal Blue. They really work perfectly together. You can find them both at Call For Couture which is raising funds for The Samaritans.


I shot the pictures at Lunamaruna – a little city that makes me think of Dr. Seuss. It’s great fun and worth a visit.
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New York Origami


I love the Designers United events. By focusing designers on a single inspiration, not only do they let us see an idea reimagined in many ways, they also often force designers out of their comfort zones into a new way of thinking about design. DU 19 was an extension of the DU 4 event focused on Narcissus and designers shared creations inspired by some of the alternate choices for inspiration for DU4: metamorphisis, 60s space age or origami. This dress is Anya Ohmai’s creation based on origami and gives us a new iteration of the paper dress.


I shot it at Rez on the land down below the landing point which is on an island anchored by the chain you see in the photo. If you walk to the edge of the island and let yourself fall, you will find yourself down at this very modern Stonehenge.


You can see a more complete picture of Rez here. The landing point is on the island above.
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360 Degrees of High Fashion

Scribble Saturday Morning_006.jpg

As a devoted Project Runway fan who has never missed an episode, I can remember dozens of outfits that impressed me coming down the runway only to crash into the Valley of Bad Design once the model turned and walked back to the curtain. A few episodes back Tim Gunn proffered some of his best advice ever, reminding the designer that good design is 360 degrees – looking good from all angles. Well, some designers he does not have to remind about that are Royal Blue’s Marni Grut and Kenzie & Co.’s Kenzie Craven. These clothes were created by designers so cognizant that good design looks great from the back and sides as well as the front, that I decided to showcase this look from the back.

Scribble Saturday Morning_004.jpg

The Kenzie & Co. Zipper Racerback is the most obviously designed with attention to the back – but look at the lovely Jodhpurs on Crack from Royal Blue – they make your bum look good and the houndstooth detailing adds interest coming and going. The photos were taken at The Looking Glass – a new build from Marcus Inkpen
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IFW10 – Lusts of the Flesh

In addition to getting a concentrated does of high fashion and raising funds for charity, events like International Fashion Week also introduce us to new creators – perhaps not new to the grid, but new to us. This IFW10 I discovered more than one new-to-me designer, but only one was also a new-to-me word – Convoitise. So I had to look it up and while it can mean covet or desire, I had to go with the last one for the blog title in light of the micro-mini but macro-sexy dress from Convoitise.

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