G-L-O-R-I-A, Gloria!

The new Gloria dress from Chantkare is a lovely lacy confection with a big full skirt and a wide waist sash, but it was too romantic for my  mood for when I put it on, so I took off the skirt and switched in the sleek and sexy Pixel Dolls High Button Miniskirt instead.  The blouse is the sort that puts the va in va-va-voom but  I wanted something to wear with the new buckle wedge from Anexx. Something edgy, not romantic. Switching skirts gave the top a whole new direction.

The new ankle wedges from Anexx are hot – smoking hot. They have so many little buckles to fasten that in real life you would probably break a nail putting them on – but this is Second Life™ so it was a breeze. So was matching the skin tint – the default tint it came in just happened to match perfectly. How often does that happen? When that happened, I knew this outfit was meant to be.

I decided to go for the deep drama of the bare neckline and skip a necklace, opting instead for the bold ICoN earrings only. The hair is from Cake – and this Dakota hair style is just so flattering and flexible that everyone should get one. The skin is newest from PXL Creations and should be released very soon.

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