360 Degrees of High Fashion

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As a devoted Project Runway fan who has never missed an episode, I can remember dozens of outfits that impressed me coming down the runway only to crash into the Valley of Bad Design once the model turned and walked back to the curtain. A few episodes back Tim Gunn proffered some of his best advice ever, reminding the designer that good design is 360 degrees – looking good from all angles. Well, some designers he does not have to remind about that are Royal Blue’s Marni Grut and Kenzie & Co.’s Kenzie Craven. These clothes were created by designers so cognizant that good design looks great from the back and sides as well as the front, that I decided to showcase this look from the back.

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The Kenzie & Co. Zipper Racerback is the most obviously designed with attention to the back – but look at the lovely Jodhpurs on Crack from Royal Blue – they make your bum look good and the houndstooth detailing adds interest coming and going. The photos were taken at The Looking Glass – a new build from Marcus Inkpen

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The zipper detailing on the pants is a great echo of the zipper detailing on the top –

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The lovely shoes are also from Royal Blue. I love that rich saturated colors they come in and the shape is modern and stylish – but also a look that will last!

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The jewelry is from ICon – and by the way, isn’t it time for more ICon loveliness? They make such great bold pieces, but I want more!!!

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I am loving the free and easy styling of Truth’s Raquel hair. The skin is PXL Creations Dafne – which you all know I am addicted to. I have been looking at new eyes lately thanks to Gogo and found these lovelies at Redgrave.

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  1. annedakun

    I really like your blog. Amazing photos! Definitely, you have to be in my blog roll, LOL. So … welcome to my blog! Take a look at it whenever you want:))
    Hug from Spain! <3
    Anne Dakun.

  2. Samara Cavalieri

    I just found your blog and so glad I did! I enjoy all the detail you put into this post. Great location of your shots from The Looking Glass. Wonder if I was down on the main street taking my photos at the same time. 😀 I love that place!

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