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Fear? No. Clothing? Yes!

posted by Gidge Uriza

I stumbled into Fear and Clothing who  was much blogged by Cajsa a while back, while wandering the the Sn@tch Sim. How I never ended up in there yet I can’t say but there I was, squeeing about these CUTE Geisha jeans.

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It's a Mod, Mod, Mod, Mod World

Today’s outfit would never have come together if not for the good sense and grace of designers who allow their customers to mod their clothes. I really wanted to put these pieces together but the colors weren’t quite right…but thanks to flexible and smart designers from Thimbles and Maitreya, I am happily wearing exactly what I wanted to wear. It all started with this fun and adorable coat from BomBon. Yes, BomBon, not BonBon.

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Once upon a midnight dreary, while I wandered weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and impossible in real life store.
Suddenly there came a flapping, flocks of birds madly flapping
Magpies, and parakeets and ravens flapping, landing at a Tableau store
Paper Couture’s fall collection, Only this, and nothing more.

Well, that’s a lot of effort for such a poor result and the original is so much more congenial. However, I confess the temptation was irresistable considering the stole I am wearing is from The Raven by Paper Couture.

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Da dum, Da dum, Da dum Da dum Da dum, Da dum, Da dum . .

Okay, so it’s leopard, not panther, but I can’t help it that that song pops into my head when I wear this skirt. Not that I complain, that song takes me to a happy place.  Which is why I felt like wearing this happy, joyful and exuberant skirt from Thimbles – a store that always makes me smile and seems to exude such joie d’vivre that I am sure Thimbles designer Apatia Hammerer is Mary Poppin’s great-granddaughter.

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ooh baby, it's a plaid world

It's a plaid world

Posted by Cajsa Lilliehook

Inventory cleaning time!!! It’s a dirty job but we all have to do it. And it’s best we dress for the work at hand, something rugged that can stand up the heavy lifting and flying dustballs of inventory cleaning. Okay, okay, none of that is true, I just wanted to wear my Cordovan Boots. I love their clean but rugged good looks. From Five Minutes After – they are a steal @ 230 Lindens. Much less than your average boot – while as detailed and better fitting than most.

Nothing goes better with great cordovan leather than a nice plaid shirt. Thimbles has some of the best, with prim colors, bright collars and tiny tiny price tags. You can take a peek at more leather lusciousness on my flickr. Additional photo and style notes after the jump.

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