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The Suspense Is Killing Me



Whimsy Winx and Sasy Scarborough have been collaborating on photo sets for several months now and I look forward to each new photo set for My Attic at The Deck. This session has closed and the items are in the W.Winx & Flair store at The Deck, so I am still going to show you this great photo set with poses even if it is late. I also have on the new dress from Baiastice, but you will have to wait until I finish changing.

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Shadow Dancing


As you know from my blog, I love playing with projectors and casting shadows. I could not resist including this shot I caught last night while shooting. I had my windlight set to complete darkness and then used two projectors casting white light.


I am wearing the gorgeous draped cocktail dress from Maitreya called Mignon. It reminds me of Project Runway’s Rami Kashoú and how he could drape a gown faster than Scarlett O’Hara could pull down curtains. One of the constant conundrums facing the poor, sleep-deprived contestants on that show is how to balance the conflicting demands of the judges who ding them for showing similar styles time and again while also lambasting them when they aren’t true to themselves. I often wonder why there are not more Santino’s calling them on their contradictory demands. With the 11th season in progress now, I think they should ignore the “you’re repeating yourself” complaints because those that head off into uncharted territory nearly always get auf’ed.

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St Patrick’s Blue – Week 12

Slowly plodding through my 52 colors…..
The week I am on is St Patrick’s Blue – who knew St. Patrick had a blue? I sure didn’t…. well… now we do… and here is MY take on St. Patrick’s blue — this great dress from Purple Moon…..

St Patrick's Blue
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2012 1 1 – Aquamarine – Week 11

My New Year’s Resolution is to blog more – cause we all know I suck at blogging regularly… and since Luna JUST posted her last post of the 52-Week’s of Color Part Deux, I have some catching up to do……
So here goes… Week 11 Aquamarine. I chose this dress from GizzA, quite a while back and have had it in my “to be blogged” folder just waiting for me to get off my ass and blog….

Aquamarine 11a

Its a beautiful, flowing casual gown suitable for an afternoon wedding or a late night walk on the beach with the man of your dreams….

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Quick and Dirty – LOTD 9 7 12

I’m doing this before I go to work… so.. found the slacks last night and LOVED them immediately – have to go back and get more…. the top I picked up somewhere along the way and I have to go back and look for more stuff too…. lol… but here ya go.. see what I’m talking about!

LOTD 9 7 12

Shopping list:
Slack: Boom – Miami Linens, graphite
Top: tulip – Halter top, Strawberry Cream
Jewelry: Amorous – Organic
Skin: PXL – Faith, Natural
Hair: Raspberry – Dulcina, Blonde Bliss

LOTD 8 30 12

I found these AWESOME mesh tennies on sale and I just had to have them… so, then I had to dress casual so I could wear them… so, then I had to find some jeans… so, then I… you get the picture.. well here IS the picture…
LOTD 8 30 12 1
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Week 5 – Patina

I did an inventory search and came up with this dress from e! which seemed to be the perfect match for Patina!  I also downloaded the newest Firestorm viewer and low and behold I could shoot SHADOWS and not lag!!!!


You have no idea how happy that makes me… I have an ATI graphics card and it seems SL and shadows do not like ATI cards… until now (shhhh don’t tell anyone lest they take it away).

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Feeling Nostalgic


This is the fourth annual Peace on Earth hunt. Blogging about the Hunt makes me remember my first year in Second Life and the POE1 was the first gridwide hunt that I had participated in. I remember reading about it beforehand and wondering how they would do a gridwide hunt – did that mean I had to look everywhere? Yup, I was that doofus! It was fresh and exciting and so much fun to hunt with Gidge, running all over the place, cracking wise and having good times. I remember how we would go to lucky chairs to wait and actually talk in chat. We even had lucky chair parties! This made me remember Digit Darkes and how much Gidge and I looked for her every new release, racing to be there to see what was new! She’s left the grid and I have packed up almost everything, but not everything. For this post, I pulled out a couple favorites to mash up with a dress from 1 Hundred for the 4th Annual Peace on Earth Hunt. The dress is adorable, but it’s chilly and I have been battling a head cold and for some very bizarre reason, I want my avatar to be nice, warm and comfy, so I didn’t want to wear a sleeveless mini – no matter how adorable. I decided to take off the skirt and add some pants and a jacket.
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Eek! I am frightened! I must emote!


Peatonville Asylum is a scary place even wearing such a perfect little top and sweater as this. The top may be familiar to you as it conquered the grid, the metaverse and the galaxies of Gallafrey when it was released earlier this year. The sweater, on the other hand, will be released into the wild by Wynter for the Peace on Earth hunt starting on Dec. 3rd. At such a scary place, a person might expect to look a bit frightened, which is assisted by a recent discovery on Marketplace – a freebie that belongs in every photographer’s pocket.


You see, not only does it allow me to choose the typical emotes, but it also gives me control of my eyes and my hands. The skirt, by the way, is also from the Peace on Earth hunt – from CIA. It comes with a luscious ruffled top, but the top plunges like a rollar coaster which made it just a bit dressy for the look I wanted.

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Black Friday


I come from a town with only one store and I can list everything it sold. Eggs, bread, butter, burgers and fries, hot dogs and onion rings, 3.2 beer and soda, minnows and earthworms and that’s about it, other than renting canoes, boats and cabins. Needless to say, it didn’t have a Black Friday sale. The next town down the road had a gas station and a grocery store though only with the most basic fresh foods. For something so esoteric as, let’s say, broccoli, you would have to drive 50 miles or more. With that background, Black Friday never caught on. I guess that leaves me looking askance at those who wait in line for hours to shop. There’s nothing I want that much.
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