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Maybe Makybe

Makybe Whippet & Buck

I was drawn to this dress after seeing Real Housewives star Heather Dubrow sporting her 99th outfit with a white Peter Pan collar attached to it because it was a pleasure to see a dress where a Peter Pan collar made sense. This is a sweet and simple casual dress without the layers of lace and chiffon and sequins that she wears with her white collars. Don’t get me wrong. I like an unusual detail and fashion eccentricities, but when it becomes a schtick, people stop paying attention to you and pay attention to your gimmick instead.

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Pink.. It's My New Obsession.. Pink.. It's Not Even a Question..

Hellllllooo!!! Happy Mondddaaayyy!! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and stuuuuff!! So… I was in a pink mood today.. Not to mention.. I have the song Pink by Aerosmith stuck in my head.. lol.. SO! Yea.. Also.. New mesh hair from [Elikatira] for the winnnn!! hehe but.. Take a look for yourself!! <3333

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Eek! I am frightened! I must emote!


Peatonville Asylum is a scary place even wearing such a perfect little top and sweater as this. The top may be familiar to you as it conquered the grid, the metaverse and the galaxies of Gallafrey when it was released earlier this year. The sweater, on the other hand, will be released into the wild by Wynter for the Peace on Earth hunt starting on Dec. 3rd. At such a scary place, a person might expect to look a bit frightened, which is assisted by a recent discovery on Marketplace – a freebie that belongs in every photographer’s pocket.


You see, not only does it allow me to choose the typical emotes, but it also gives me control of my eyes and my hands. The skirt, by the way, is also from the Peace on Earth hunt – from CIA. It comes with a luscious ruffled top, but the top plunges like a rollar coaster which made it just a bit dressy for the look I wanted.

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For Members Only

Truth District Autumn Event

In just two hours (Noon SLT), the Truth Sim’s big sales event begins when many of the District’s fabulous stores will be selling selected items at 50% off. I took a look at the store directory and think it’s going to be a shopaganza this weekend. The thing is, this sales is for Truth District Update Group members only. You must join the group in order to go and you can join for free until Noon SLT when the event opens to the public. After that, there will be a fee, so join by noon!

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Back to the Jersey Shore


The Jersey Shore is such a fun sim, I had to run back for some more shots. As you can see, I am standing by The Hammer on the Midway – waiting for some guy to come along and impress me. Sadly, the sim was noticeably man-free that day. I guess I will have to hit the Hammer myself. So long as I don’t get any grease on my summer white little skirt from Whippet & Buck. It’s amazing how filthy those hammers get when they aren’t hitting anything other than the game.

Honestly, the Duck Hunt is more my speed. I always liked the Duck Hunt even though I understood the game was rigged and there might not even be one winning duck in the mix. That doesn’t matter when I have such winning shoes as these square-toed shoes from G. Field. With a touch script to change the trim and to turn off the version 1 invisiprims, these shoes are style and inventory win!
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Purple Monkey Dishwasher


Struggling to come up with a name for this 2451st post was keeping me from getting this done, but I remembered a few months back that someone had asked for blog post title suggestions. AS you can see, such suggestions need not make sense. This one came from Darkley Aeon, the Guerilla Avatar. I guess if I had a purple monkey, I would train him to do the dishes. Doing dishes is one of my least favorite tasks, mainly because I am one of those people, you know the ones that get water down the front of the shirt and on the floor while washing a plate, a cup and a spoon. I can splash my face and get soap in my eye when doing a sinkful of dishes which is why I tend to wash dishes 6 times a day – everytime I dirty a dish. So, if you have a purple monkey in need of a home, send him my way. I am sure he could wash dishes better than me. But could he style this outfit? I don’t think so. I think any monkey that allowed himself to be purple-ized would just make a hash out of styling anything but rainbows and butterflies.

I went over to Milvus to investigate ater reading about it in the Destination Guide. It looks amazing and I will definitely go back for more picture taking soon. It was near the top of the list in the Destination Guide so I was not the only one checking it out. It was quite busy – so I found a quiet corner for my snaps and stored the bookmark with a promise to go back soon.
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Black & White Kinda Day <3

Happy Monday Everyonnnnee!! Welcome back from the weekend!! I hope you all had a great Mommy’s day!! Todays LOTD was based around this amazingly cute dress from Hucci… I go into that store and im all like.. gimme gimme gimme GIMME!! Sooooo not nice on my bank account!! hehehe But yea.. I went to World’s End Garden for this picture I hope you like it! <33333 

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Very Casual at Cadenza


I was feeling casual and after seeing that fabulous Whippet & Buck yoked t-shirt, I just had to try it out and mixing it with a different shirt just to see if it would work. Shorts from Miel were a perfect casual fit.


I was hanging out at Cadenza – an amazing water build with a small bandshell filled with flowers and a piano from which glowing musical staffs emanate. Continue reading

Catching up with Lorelei

Whippet & Buck's High-waisted skirt allows for fun mixing and matching.

One of the real pleasures of the Double Take project is catching up with old friends with whom I have lost touch. One such person is Lorelei Maggs whom I met when I worked cleaning up prim trash at Vicious and Gidge was my boss. She was also an early client of MDR Studio – though Maht took her pictures, not me. So last night was the first time she was in front of my camera and as soon as I zoomed in I saw she had on some breathtaking jewelry. Surprise, surprise! She had made it. I got a LM and went there immediately after I finished shooting last night and picked up some amazing sets…one of which I put on and decided to add to this outfit.

Lorelei Maggs: A Double Take Photo.

Lorelei Maggs: A Double Take Photo.

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Whippet & Buck

Some stores have names that just sound like they are fated to offer outstanding quality and succeed – to be the stores that become the clothiers of generations. Well, clothing generations of Second Life residents might be an outsized ambition, but Whippet & Buck have the name, and most importantly, they have the quality. The name makes me think of England and John Robert Cozens and all those country fashions of investment dressing – the dress that is timeless and is worn for decades. Well, they seem to have that idea in mind themselves as their forms are timeless and classic, such as this magnificent pencil dress and crop jacket.

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