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There Is Nothing Frivolous About Shoes


Shoetopia is literally shoe heaven.

Shoetopia will be opening soon. Just two more days until the fashionistas of Second Life® can descend on shoe lover’s heaven, literally so as the build is itself heavenly. A brief bloggers preview run through tells me that folks will be thrilled with the variety, creativity and quality of shoes and that the most difficult aspect of Shoetopia will be deciding what to buy.

Some people love to make fun of people’s love of shoes, as though it is somehow decadent to enthuse over that fusion of art and engineering, but while shoes can be and often are extravagant indulgences for some, they are also the most important article of clothing there is.

Most of us are lucky enough to have shoes for many functions, daywear for work, formal dress shoes for special occasions, work shoes to protect us from harm while gardening or chopping wood, boots and galoshes for cold and rain, and even specialized athletic shoes for different activities.  Not all people are so lucky. In a working class family, they may buy one pair of new shoes for the school year – and hope no one grows too quickly. I grew up in a such a family and know very well the dilemma of choosing one pair that must be strong and hardy enough for the year. Those shoes are never delicate and dainty. Loafers, saddleshoes, oxfords, those last a year. Mary Janes? Not so much.

My parents never encouraged me to go barefoot to save on shoes in the summer. A good thing, since many kids get hookworm from walking around barefoot. On top of the risk of broken glass, sharp objects and hot burning tar on the road, parasites are a serious health hazard for those who go barefoot. Soles4Souls is a charity aimed at making sure people have the shoes they need to protect them and help them lead a healthier, safer life. Kids cannot go to school without shoes – so they are also important to reducing poverty. This is a critical, and often neglected, charitable need and Shoetopia aims to raise funds to donate to Soles4Souls efforts.


I love this sleek modern sheath from CIA Designs.

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Flowery look :)

Happy Sunday, everyone 🙂

I’ve got other awesome items from the Love Donna Flora event that i would like to show you. Really great stuff: you, fantastic creators, have all my respect first because you decided to join this important event, then because you did it with such style, offering amazing creations.

So here’s this flowery vintage look of mine which i adore and i hope you’ll appreciate. The pictures location is the beautiful Love Donna Flora sim.

 photo Snapshot_005_zps29562b67.png

 photo Snapshot_004_zps6bcb6322.png

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Cats and Whimsy



I fell for the whimsical dress from CIA Designs that is on sale at Love Donna Flora as soon as I saw those cats peeking over the black line. I love polka dots in the first place and polka dots and cats and this entire feeling of fun and whimsy is charming.



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Reflections, Not Resolutions


Chic is the word for this Drift jacket. You can see its lineage in the glorious history of Chanel with its short-cropped waist, it’s beautifully tailored fit and the rich wool fabric. The skirt, from CIA Designs, is beautifully made. With its relatively high waist, it will work well with all sorts of tops and jackets. For the With Love Hunt, it is only 10L and comes in red, brown and blue. It is one of the can’t miss hunt items. Make yourself comfortable and you should find it. 

New Year’s Eve has never been a big holiday in my family. Most of the day was spent cleaning and preparing for New Year’s Day which was much more important. We always had a sparkling clean house and a feast on New Year’s, honoring a folk tradition that what you experience on New Year’s Day is the harbinger of the coming year. Well, one thing you would not want on New Year’s Day is a hangover! We didn’t make resolutions either. This was probably more the influence of my mother more than any tradition. She always said that if you plan to do something, just do it. If it’s important enough to do, it’s too important to delay until the new year. What we did do, though, is look back at the year and appreciate our good fortune.

Those traditions continue. I have been cleaning today. I am having a New Year’s dinner party tomorrow. And I have been looking back at 2012 and appreciating my good fortune.

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A very, very complex person


The red sequin cocktail gown from CIA Designs for Vintage Fair is a torch singer’s perfect accompaniment.

I’m a very very complex person
I try to improve but you see how I worsen
I’ll do anything to make you adore me,
or deplore me, but never ignore me

I got senses that I cannot control
My stomach’s like a bottomless hole
My desires command me like a slave
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Unseasonably Warm

Since you only get the weather you want in SL, it’s warm and sunny and perfect for a little dress like this – one I forgot I had and discovered while cleaning out my inventory for the Yard Sale.  I love the colors in the print and the briefer than usual band of print on the bodice. It’s a cute little dress, fun and lively.

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